I've booked at Tivon Park Ghatkopar West builder is DhamjiShamji Shah,if anyone else has done so let me know and we can form a group
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  • Does anyone have the updates of the Project progress? I have bought a flat but still no visibility on possession, as we were promised a different date when paying the booking about which was then verbally changed when we made the next payments. While the agreement has a differnent date, not sure whether that too would be met.
    • Zykben2 years ago
      Project is delayed by a year, H and G wings have been assured delivery by December 2017.
  • Hi, we too have booked a flat in Tivon Park. Have you recently been there? Any update on the construction status?

  • I had been on the site in June. They had promised possession of G & H wings in June however that has not happened. Had met one of the person who had bought a flat in G wing and was stil desperately waiting for updates. Can we form a group on whatsapp to interact more often. As I doubt the builder is going to deliver the project on time unless we all voice our concerns together.
  • Hi, lets form a group and enquire. Have you got any update from the builder on the likely possession date?