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Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

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Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

Last updated: April 21 2015
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  • Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali


    I am one of the buyers in Lokhandwala's Octacrest project in Kandivali.

    I am first time in this forum. M/S Lokhandwala in their letter dated 23rd May 2013 indicated possession of apartments in Wing A to F will be given on or before 30/04/2014, and possession of apartment of G & H will be given on or before 30/6/2104.

    After a lapse on one year, now on 14th May 2014, Lokhandwala is indicating the completion date of finishing work in Wing A to D will now be extended until 31/08/2014 and completion of Wing E to H will now extended until 31/10/2014.

    They also proposed visit from first week of June 2014 for Wing A to D and First Week August 2014 for Wing E to H. While I came to know from Lokhandwala , that inspection of Wing A to D had been completed. The possession date had not yet been indicated in the letter.

    I will be very much thankful to any owner of Wing A to D, who had inspected their respective flats may share their concerns and experience and also share their views on the possibility of likely date of possession of their flat by end of August as claimed by the M/S Lokhandwala.

    As the builder is deferring the possession schedule for last one year, will it be possible for them to give the possession under such circumstances and scenario by August 2014.

    Any reviews or suggestions are welcome.!
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    Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

    I had visited flat on 1st June, all internal work is complete for flat in A wing, they have to install electric meters and do some podium work , lift work and in common areas. Soft possession is very much possible by mid August, OC will take atleast December.Some fitments in kitchen and outside dry area where remaining.


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      Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

      Project of lokhandwala in kandivali east whether it is Octecrest or Spring Grove both are running late..
      All verbal commitment of builder, and property dealers associated with builder is getting failed every time when they declare a new date of soft possession or OC submission.

      all land bank of this builder in kandivali worth 4500 cr is re-acquired by Gawrakshak mandali in 2011.. he has kept every one in dark.
      Now there is no new upcoming project of Lokahndwala possible in kandivali in future.

      currently one project Vista near spring grove already ready for BMC officials free of cost but BMC also has dispute with builder and not ready to take possession of Vista.

      In the last minute this delay of possession of project Spring Grove and Octacrest is making reputation of Lokahndwala down wards but builder is not worried as he has diversified himself ( MD is sitting at Dubai and doing some other BIZ) so they are not bother for strictly supervising their contractors to ensure timely completion of projects along with proper liaison with BMC officials.
      Mr.Mustafa is heading officially , how is legal person not bother for emotional concern of buyers and having only legal angle.

      keep fingres cross to get possession by Dec'15. ( once OC is submitted to BMC)


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        Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

        Also note that the road accessibility to Lokhandwala Kandicali East via Akurli , hanumal nagar road is the most congested road...
        Mahindra dna Mahindra trucks 24*7 running through internal road and always parked in side the township.
        Other Side Kurar Village road is under repair for dragged pipe and will take 3 months to get this work completed and this Kurarvillage road is also very Narrow and congested road connecting to WEH.

        Kandivali East Lokahdwala townships entry and exit is totally failed , only one road is there which is Akurli road and it is occupied for auto riksha and vehicle parking. No political and social influence from this township people for any new road connectivity of society till Highway /WEH.
        In peck hours people take 30 to 40 min minimum to reach to Highway or from HIghway to township..
        future coming projects public will further create more congestion and life difficult for township people.


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          Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali


          U seem to be spreading bad mouth every where about lokhandwala township...And i am wondering why??.
          Whats ur source of information about saying that Octacrest possession will happened in Dec 2015? Or r u just copy pasting your data in all the lokhandwala building forums?
          U dont even live in mumbai, so how come u have such vast knowledge about so many things in Lokhandwala Township??



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            Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali


            None of the points mentioned by ashlesha are wrong - Lokhandwala Kandivali is the most hyped and over valued part of city. With literally no access it is majorly clogged and buildings like this willl further worsen the problem

            I think Lokhandwala may give you possession before Dec'15 - Oct'15 looks more probable


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              Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

              Pls note that Octacrest official possession at the time of booking of Sept'2013 and today we are in 2015..
              Builder was suppose to pay interest for delaying the project from Dec'13 but with all excuse ( which are actually controllable by builder) he has avoided forcefully to pay any interest for delay..
              Please think about these who booked flats in Lokhandwala project Octacrest and even for Spring Grove ( SG was verbally committed for Jun'14 possession) put their hard earned money and waiting to leave there.
              Yes there are so many people having surplus money and already leaving in the same area or near by area not worried as their good appreciation already in their hand, locality is good, it is proper township with good residents but concern is delay possession from builder on these projects which is a question on creditworthiness on builders and on their employees like Aizaz who always give a new date of possession to their customers.


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                Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

                Hi guys

                I have joined this forum newly. We have also purchased flat in Octacrest wing E and got our soft possession in Jan 15 but till now there is no news on final possession. Always being advised by sales office either it will come next month or still time to come.

                If anybody has any news on this issue please update



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                  Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

                  Hi All, I am looking to take a 3BHK on rent in Octacrest. In case, any of you are interested, request you to please PM me.


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                    Re : Possession of Lokhandwala Octacrest - Kandivali

                    Hi all,

                    Please note that there is already a thread running on 'Octa Crest Realty' here

                    We prefer not to have parallel threads running on the same topic as this dilutes the information shared. Request you all to repost your comments on the above posted link.

                    Thank you
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