Hi Guys,

Wondering which website does everyone think is the best website for real estate in India? Personally i think housing has done a great job but they have limited data and a slightly technical UI. 99 and makaan are too old world. Commonfloor and india property are good too.

A special mention about a new website called Wonobo real estate, they have limited properties only in mumbai but its really cool because they have street view and you can actually see the propety in real panoramic view

anyway lets see what evryone thinks...
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  • Yes absolutely right, 99 acres, Makkan are the oldest real estate portal in India, apart from this My Property Stores and housing are also the growing real estate companies in India.
  • Yeah.. I too feel some of these new sites like housing, commonfloor etc. are really good.

    Hey Vikram, as you recommended.. I did chk the Wonobo Real Estate website. Had heard about it earlier as well through one of my property dealer friend.

    I chked their street view. Quite interesting. I'm planning to post a few of my properties there.
  • HI Vikram,

    can u please share the website address for the wonobo website you are talking about?

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  • Hi All,

    As of now I think 99acres and MB are doing good and are much user friendly but newbies like Housing and Commonfloor are giving different utilities to both End user and Broker as well
  • I agree with you, i really like commonfloor, i saw the wonobo site that you guys are talking about, here's the link Nikita - Flats, Shops and Offices for Rent or Sale in Mumbai

    the street view is really cool and amazingly helpful, showed my husband yesterday and he was just amazed. its a great way to site at home and check out flats rather than going to each one.... :):)

    They have many more cities on their other site India local and business information - Restaurants, hotels, attractions and more but i dont know why they dont have more cities for the real estate website
  • Yes, I agree with you, 99 acres, Makkan are the oldest real estate portal in India, but magic bricks have an extreme value in the real estate market. Currently I have booked one office in spire edge Manesar recommended by magic bricks and find great deals.
  • For rentals in Mumbai

    broker spleasee xcuse com
  • Moving the house-hunt online

    Outstation students are using websites and Facebook pages dedicated to finding student housing in the city

    “My first few days in Mumbai were a nightmare, trying to find the right home. While in court processing documents for a new home, I decided to find a way to make the process easier for students.”

    GAURAV MUNJAL, 23, founder of Flat.to
    Scores of students travel to Mumbai this time of the year, but being admitted to their dream college is only half of the challenge. Finding a home in Mumbai on a student budget is a stressful experience, especially with limited knowledge of the city.

    A g rowing number of students are using we b - si t es and Facebook pa g es to find budget accommodation. While Facebook pages are crowd- sourced, website Flat.to is exclusively catered to students, and has partnered with more than 200 colleges to accommodate 8,000 students in seven cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur and Delhi.

    “Looking for a home in Mumbai is a tedious, disheartening process,” says Sneha Paul, 24, a graduate of Sophia College who came to Mumbai in 2012, from Kolkata. “I started my search by relying on the internet, but often, individuals who listed their homes on websites turned out t o be brokers. Eventually, I found a trusted broker and a decent home in my budget, but it was a long-winded process. A service dedicated to students would definitely have helped.”

    The founder of Flat.to was also driven by his own experiences as a college student. “My first few days in Mumbai were a nightmare, trying to f i nd the right home,” says Gaurav Munjal, 23, founder of Flat.to, who came to Mumbai from Jaipur in 2011. “While in court processing documents for a new home, I decided to find a way to make the process easier for students.”

    In addition to high prices, students also say it is hard to find landlords willing to let out homes to bachelors. “They assume you’ l l create problems, and this cuts out half the possibilities of finding a home in Mumbai,” says Dhruv Mahajan, 20, a student of Jai Hind College, Churchgate, who came to Mumbai from Jalandhar in 2012.
    On the website, students have to register with their college name and their preferred location, and they will see a list of flats available there. You can choose from apartments, hostels and paying - guest accommodation; students can also select if they want fully furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished homes.

    People looking for flatmates can also list their homes, eliminating the need for a broker and a brokerage fee.
    “On an average, brokers earn a commission of more than one month’s rent paid by students. For instance, if a flat cost

    ` 30,000 per month, the brokers would charge ` 60,000. There were brokers who ear ned
    ` 15 lakh from students at my college alone,” adds Munjal.

    However, not all flats listed on the website are free of brokerage — while Flat.to claims to screen the brokers and list accommodation from only certified ones who don’t over-charge, students may still have to pay the fee.
    “Even so, the website helps filter your options, since it primarily lists student-friendly accommodation,” says Vishnu Vipin, 19, a student of Patkar College, Goregoan, who moved to Mumbai from Kerala and used Flat.to to find a home in Borivli. “Before using the website, I was taken to all kinds of dingy apartments in the city.”
  • Online Real Estate

  • Just checked out Wonobo. Nice site! Pretty robust. Takes a bit to fully load up, but a really nice site.
  • Wonobo looks like a promising website and complements other listing sites like magicbricks. The USP of this is the street view. However, the content in that as of now is very limited (to say the least). Mostly overpriced listings and rentals (categorized as for sale). Will take some time to gather content there