Any idea on when Godrej is launching the residential phase of "The Trees" in Vikhroli, next to ongoing Godrej Platinum. They have already built a commercial building - "Godrej One" as Phase 1 of this project and there was news of they launching residential phase of the same this year. Any updates anybody has?
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  • i heards from Godrej guys that this will be towards end of this year ...any one who has more clarity ?
    • PropInvest241 years ago
      the mangroves are quite some distance away and unlikely to walk into the premises, theres an entire national highway in between!
  • Who cares?? This is going to be one more addition to the vast pool of projects which are not selling !!!!!
  • This project is being marketed as a "very high end premium project", anybody has any insights on its pricing? My budget is around 2.5 crore for 2.3 / 3 BHK. I am confused between buying at Wadhwa "The Address" or wait for "Trees" launch. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Hi Mohit,
    From my last conv with Godrej guys, yes it would be a premium project giving competition to hiranandani They have plans to build residential, commercial & 5* hotel there, already a running school exists there and a 2bhk would be around 2.75. If you can wait and go upto this price point.. it might be worth wait. Wadhwa is an equally good project though, my personal pov - it's bit congested and so is LBS prone to traffic jams.
    hope this helps.
    Does some one know about proposed Link road from EE to Ghansoli ? where would it begin on Eastern Expressway ?
  • godrej has 3 projects in the location - so a lot of confusion happens on which is what
    1. platinum tower 4 - expected to be launched by end of year. price expected upwards of 2.75 cr for 2bhk. possession given last month for tower 1. purely residential. slightly separate entrance from trees (same entrance from EE but then diverges into two directions). construction quality & connectivity beats hiranandani but you dont get the open spaces/jogging parks/retail/F&B options of hiranandani. look and feel/architecture is different (glass and chrome vs gothic/roman) and hence not comparable.
    2. trees - residential cum commercial/hotel. godrej one is part of the project. expected to be shorter than platinum as it might have issues with airport authority clearance (same thing that address faced). might be advertised as super premium but difficult to fathom why anyone will pay more for a residential/commercial location when you have purely residential blocks from the same builder next door.
    3. standalone tower in godrej garden enclave - expected to be retail cum residential (as per press release of godrej properties), opp tower 4 of godrej platinum, will take time to come as development agreement signed only 3 months back (godrej and boyce has signed a DM agreement with godrej properties in Mar 14, news announced in business channels). my hunch is it will have only 3/4 bhks with balconies and will be the most premium building (it has a direct creek view/east facing view unlike platinum)
  • All properties are luxurious and premium as if entire Mumbai will stay in luxurious and premium houses. Where would so called middle class live? Is that the reason such projects are not selling? And why would a luxury seeker come to messed up and crowded place like LBS, Vikhroli? Where is this world coming to???
  • Hi Sunil,

    I agree with you. Godrej cant ask 3 cr for a 750-850 sf carpet 2 BHK in Vikhroli. The reason for them to ask 2.75 cr in Tower 4 of Godrej Platinum is that carpet area is around 1040 sf for 2 BHK and it is their last tower in the project. When they are launching "The Trees", ideally the price should be much lower.

    On another note, I had a discussion with Godrej guys today. The plan is to come up with 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 3.5 BHKs in the residential towers. 1 BHK would be seperate tower of G+7 and the remaining two towers would be G+19. Carpet areas for 2 BHKs would be between 750 - 840 sf whereas for 2.5 BHK would be 900 sf followed by 1000 sf 3 BHKs.

    Anybody has any other details?
  • You Guys are doing the same mistake , Dont challenge the RE market in Mumbai cos chances are high that you will fall on your face. Who Will BUY ? Who will come to LBS ? Who will come to buy a luxurious flat in LBS ? I guess its time to get practical because not everyone can afford a house in Powai or Bandra and its best to settle next to these locations. You get a far more luxurious flat with loads of amenities than you would get in a standalone Bandra and most importantly at a much cheaper price tag and that's what is happening now. You might be able to afford a 2-2.5bhk in Ghatkopar now but if you wait for couple of years , you might have to head to Thane , which is why lot of ppl are now buying in thane cos all these areas have seen sharp increase in prices over the last 2-3 years.

    I do agree the number of ppl affording a 5 cr 3bhk will narrow , but werent we thinking of it 3 years back with a 3cr price tag ? Trying to time the Mumbai RE is a big challenge . If you can afford it , buy it else leave it cos it will not move up or down according to your expectations.

    And coming to Middle class . Mumbai is a 1.5 cr population and it will take only a fraction of it to absorb the inventory and in my view that is what is happening right now. Middle class ? What middle class. Mumbai is very competitive and costly, just like any other financial hub globally . I personally believe that all the research and computations we do are just sidelined in a second once you enter a sales office.
  • You may be right but I am not ready to believe that RE prices will keep on rising in Mumbai. People have burnt finger at different intervals in countries like Dubai and Singapore and similar will happen here as well. When is the big question mark along with for how long? Till time this when comes, people associated with market will keep on enjoying and it may keep happening for some more time.
  • I agree with Metallica. While growth will be slow & there will not be same return as obtained in last decade, RE prices will still keep on increasing at a slower rate.

    Having personally invested & gained & lost money in international market, I could see one of the important difference with RE in India is the amount of black money involved which runs a parallel economy here.
  • Folks, any update on the expected launch of "The Tress" residential phase? Is the Platinum Tower -4 launched?
  • Hi Folks,

    Any update on the expected launch date or pricing? Thanks for your help.
  • Godrej is asking moon for Trees. Silly pricing..........................

    Having said if someone is ready to wait 20 yrs then Godrej Vikhroli will be great place to live in Mumbai. When I see 2000 acres of land being developed as a master plan - it comes out as great plan.
  • Got this today, looks like they are going ahead and launching the project really soon !

    Just a heads up I have no connection with the channel partner and in no way do I endorse or vouch for this advertisement.
  • What's the point, their pricing is exorbitant....

    For 2bhk, they will ask 2.25+, possession in 4+yrs

    Only benefit is quality construction, greenery and peace.....still too too expensive...