Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum. Also, I think this forum is doing a good job in helping others.

I would like your suggestions , recommendation ect for one of the project I am planning to invest in.

Delta Garden realty project in mira road.

Price: 8500 psf
Completion date: Dec 2017
Phase 1 completed, Pre-launch for Phase 2
I am looking for 2 bhk (~1100 )

I have few questions like,

- how is the builder?
- How is the location
- Any one booked in this project or already invested in Phase 1?
- worth the investment looking at the time frame?

Any suggestions are welcome.
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  • I had called them about a year back.. Phase1 is not completed but it is alloted to their own members and wasn't sold in open market.. And they hadn't opened bookings for phase2.. I couldn't wait long so didn't book.. Project does look good.. Construction has been going on at decent pace.. Location in terms of connectivity is also nice.. However, the area is not very developed in terms of other facilities.. Though you should get everything in 1km radius.. Having said all that, 8500rs in this market seems high to me..
  • Thanks for replying.

    I did see similar projects in the same area e.g. dravesh Horizon. The builder is expecting 8900 + floor rise.

    I forgot to mention the price I mentioned is for the 10th floor. i.e. it includes floor rise. per you analysis what should be decent price in the current market condition for this project?

    so any other suggestions or any other project in the same area?
  • This area has been plagued with slow moving or stalled projects.. Like DB Ozone, Man Opus, etc. I would rather not risk investing in an under construction project in this market..

    Even Darvesh Horizon ads were there since very long, its only recently I have seen construction activity going on.. So you will have to ensure the project n builder does not have any issues so that it gets completed..

    Did you check Sanghvi Eco-city? Though a little inside, but it seems almost at completion stage for phase1.. However, I think it has been at that stage from quite sometime..

    Pls do proper research and due diligence before investing in under construction..
  • The rates in mira road near highway are arnd 7k-7.5k.. So, given the location of these projects, I feel 7.5k-8k at the most is fine.. One more project nearing completion though at compromised location is kakkad paradise.. Abt 4mnths back, the rate there was 6k.. However, it is average quality project n a poor location..
  • there are 3 projects in this area and cheapest is delta realty:

    1. ANA Realty ~9100/-
    2.Darvesh Group: Opening doors to better life. ~8900/-
    3. ..:: Delta Realty ::.. ~8500

    i can see the same rates across...
  • For under construction and that too Phase 2.

    Pre-launch rate is definitely on higher side. Should not be more than 7K.

    Due to location near highway and not in interior Mira Rd he is asking more. So some premium has to be given for that..
  • I was able to talk to builder and he is may give some discount. How about ~8200/?

    i was not able to find the rate of 7K in that area. infact similar projects are asking more in the same area. Any more suggestion or ideas?

    any one checked with Sanghvi Eco-city? how much they asking?
  • For sanghvi eco-city, i would advise to go thru magicbricks, 99acres, etc. You will b able to find investor flats at cheaper rate than what builder would offer.. I remember a broker offering investor flat at 7200rs there in December..
  • Originally Posted by rsvishalrs
    I was able to talk to builder and he is may give some discount. How about ~8200/?

    i was not able to find the rate of 7K in that area. infact similar projects are asking more in the same area. Any more suggestion or ideas?

    any one checked with Sanghvi Eco-city? how much they asking?

    I still feel 8200rs is also quite high.. Is phase 2 still in prelaunch? Or they have started construction?
  • Hi guys,

    I am planning to buy 1bhk in delta garden.

    Has anyone booked a flat in this project? ?

    I am open to other projects as well but I do need ready to move in flats.

    So kindly suggest me some options? ?
  • being a resident of mira road and already visited the site, my views are as follows:

    1) Construction Quality and progress is pretty good. Builders are reliable as well.
    2) Rooms aren't spacious but the interiors are very good. the passage and entrance are good
    3) It is kindof stand alone project in that area. Less buildings nearby.
    4) Station is little far, WE highway is 2min away, the project has shops at ground floor so most of the daily needs will be fulfilled easily, Thakur mall is 10 mins walking distance, Royal college and Dalmiya school are neary.

    5) Project was launched at 4500 (soft). 2 years back it was 6500. Now they are quoting 8500 + floor rise.

    buying at anything above 7.5k in this and surrounding highway projects would be a bad idea according to me. instead poonam garden will be a much much better option in and under 7.5k
  • What I was told is that their 1st phase getting ready was exclusively sold only to a specific community to which builder also belonged and was not even open to general public.

    Now they have opened up 2nd phase for general public irrespective of community.. Some people feel this is not a good strategy..

    Also I have seen some SRA like buildings inside that are u/c.. Much different from the main facade.. Not sure whether they are really SRA or not..

    Just take note..
  • As I belong to the same community as that of the builder, I confirm that the Phase 1 is only for our community (all over mumbai we have our own colony with a mosque inside). However, phase 2 is open only for others and not for the community.

    Phase 2 when I visited 2 months back was at Foundation stage. would take 2.5-3 years for completion.

    From investment perspective you cannot expect huge returns, but that area will be surely developed in the next 5 years and will be a good society to live in.