can anybody share there views about dosti vihar thane.
Currently they are asking rate 5319 (for garden facing) + 20 rs floor rise and Rs 200 less For city facing.possession is in 2011 dec.
Is it the only rate going in this area(Phokhran Rd no.1) ?

Is it worth to invest around 35 for 1bhk in this much appreciation I can expect if will go for it.

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  • I am interested in Dosti Vihar - Thane project as well.
    Please do share your views...
  • sarika..seems like a good rate for 1 bhk...had gone to the place some weeks back the 1 bhk has progressed till the 3rd floor or so. location wise i feel it is much better than ghodbunder if u have to travel to mumbai city. less congestion. am also looking at a potential home there...wondering if going thru a broker is better or directly negotiating with builder...FYI the group has also launched a new project in ghodbunder road but rates are higher than this one!!
  • Dosti builder is not ready to negotiate a single penny.Even I tried through broker also but same response.even after meeting there sales executive I realized its nothing to worth convincing them to negoitiate rate.

    If anybody got different experience please share with me.

  • I had seen a resale 1BHK 600sqft for about 36 or 37 Lacs in Cosmos Paradise (I do not remember the rate exactly), which is not very far from the location of Dosti Vihar.
  • Dosti group revised there rate by Rs 200.Its now 5391Rs/sqft for--city facing and 5591Rs/sqft .

    tthe rate revised by Rs 200 in 2 days After property exhibition.
    And as I said in my previous reply They are not in a mood to negoitiate single penny.

    Who is responsile for this....???I guess the demand and the people who are responding to builders highly for such huge rate.

    But I am very disappointed with This ,coz I think People should have to get some time to think over it to take such a big decision of buying home.

    I visit the site on sunday and they revised there rate on tuesday because there sale goes beyond expectation, in property exbihition.
  • rate up 200Rs up in 2days. Just by putting together an exhibit… ! Even with rates are hiked, customers response are not vamoosing at all. Stamping builder for good decision made.
    Has anyone made any bookings yet?
  • I believe you are not going to find a single buyer in response. Coz, no body is going to book any flat other than a person with doubtful mental balance.
  • tubaibabu..u will not believe the kind of houses people pick up for the prices...the question is who will bell the cat...last year around everyone said market will crash around June etc etc but nothing happened infact it has only picked up from July..leaving people like u and me with an unstable mental balance!
  • If it is any consolation for you checked the rates of Regency Towers ahead of Suraj Water park it is 70 L all inclusive for a 2 bhk of 1100 plus sq ft built up. But I am told their quality is very good too. Mostly will go there today to just check it out.
  • Hi all,

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