I am confused between these two projects. I want to buy a 2 BHK for investment purpose in Mumbai. I think I should buy a property where demand is more so I narrowed my search on these two projects because it is closer to Hiranandani.
I need to know the Pros and cons for:
1) Emerald Isle
2) Serenity

If you think there are other good projects I have missed then please let me know.
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  • Both these project belong too 2 different kinds of budget groups.

    While serenity is a bhagtani project and if you go thru the forum you will see that people don't really hold bhagtani in high regard as their projects take years and are never completed on time. From what I understand serenity has been in pre launch stage for a couple of years now and who knows how long it will before the project actually gets started. It is great for an investor if you have high risk appetite

    Emerald Isle is a project from L&T and is nearing completion. the project is on the higher end it is more for end user and not for investor I feel as the project is priced high for its current location and will never be able to reach the Hiranandani prices something that L&T had projected it would as they have marketed it as powai. I definitely don't see it reaching anywhere close to Hiranandani prices in the near future but you never know
  • Thanks for the information about these two projects. Can you suggest me any other project I should invest in ?
  • Sorry don't really have any suggestions. I'm looking for an investment/ end use property as well in the area but haven't been able to find anything.

    One of my friend did recently book a flat in a pre launch in vicinia powai/ chandivali project they did sell out the pre launch and from what I understand will launch in September/ October