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Indian Realty Flash Sale


Indian Realty Flash Sale

Last updated: July 4 2015
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  • Indian Realty Flash Sale

    Major Indian developers have created an innovative tool to market their properties through a common platform. They have created a user friendly web platform which allows users to view details of their properties.

    One can access the platform by clicking on this link

    By expressing interest on this platform, prospective buyers can benefit from special promotional offers available only for a limited time period. Users can also seek more information on their property of interest through this channel.

    The Indian Realty Flash Sale has stirred much discussion in Real Estate circles and the media.


    It will be really interesting to see the response of people to this promotion

    Has anybody accessed this platform?
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    Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

    The moot question is - has any builder started positioning their pricing at affordable rates, which is discounted for the under construction period risk to be taken by buyer? Or have they started providing written guarantee for delay in possession and/or return of funds (no questions asked) with 18% pa interest?

    The above is not a good to have but a great opportunity for any builder who wants to be a game changer and attract buyers without even advertising.


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      Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

      I will be surprised if this is successful. In any case, there are many who are looking for good deal within this forum, who might log in for a really great, lifetime deal.. (where they are likely to offer something that amounts not more than 10% of the current official quoted value, which is not bad for some)

      For the regular citizens, it is still a question of affordability in a liveable area.. once flats are offered at a n affordable level, they may not need this kind of Flash Sale..

      Anyway till this realisation happens, it is better that they are finding a new platform to keep themselves busy, as well as trying new things, which may help atleast some customers to take a call, if not majority..

      Wishing both IRFS and the Builders all the best for the coming event.. we will watch closely..


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        Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

        The results of the sale seem promising.

        First real estate flash sale sees around 14,900 coupon downloads - Livemint

        It is good to see that this innovative Marketing technique has been received positively by the market. In fact, the article states that around 14,500 coupons were downloaded from the site.

        Probably, the idea of offering such pre sales discounts caught the fancy of prospective buyers across India. From developers’ perspective, this is good news. However, what remains to be seen is whether these coupons actually prod people to buy apartments.


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          Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

          Whatever the coupons are offering can be availed by anyone during negotiations with builders. For example 200/ SqFt off, no floor rise etc.

          Nothing special.

          Just another marketing platform for New projects.

          Now 99acres and Magicbricks both are coming up with such flash sales in this month alone. Only attractive deals will make such sales popular.
          Objective of such sale is to just give the buyer a feel good factor to go ahead and buy by means of some small discount.
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            Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

            Instead of these flash sales and marketing gimmicks, the builders should concentrate on completing their projects on time and delivering projects that have been perpetually stuck for whatever reason. On price, it is chicken and egg situation and builders need to bite the bullet and provide significant discounts on unsold inventory to pep up demand in the market. If not, I doubt whether any investor or end - user will seriously look into new projects when unsold inventory and unfinished projects keep piling up.

            Its a 'BIG NO'
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              Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

              Most Indian builders are nothing but the bunch of blood suckers, thanks to Indian government. They will do everything to maintain their desired but won't slash the rate until it hit their butts.


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                Re : Indian Realty Flash Sale

                Has anybody got snapshot of Developers from Mumbai participated in this so called 'Flash Sale'

                Currently link says big THANK YOU


                Have any questions or thoughts about this?