I'm new to the forum, went through most of the recent discussion and would like a help. I'm planning for the 2 BHK in Runwal Greens Mulund(W) next to Wockhardt Hospital, has anyone booked in it. The project seems to be good, but is it advisable to invest now or wait for the so called "20% correction". Is the project really good also. Please advise
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  • i checked out their project in thane GB road... i was not very satisfied with the construction... tho i have heard they deliver satisfactory projects qualitywise..
  • Am not too impressed with Runwal construction and promises too. But then there are many who go for their homes. Would recommend to check out the lay out of Runwal Pride behind R Mall if you want to get an idea
  • Wait for correction. It could be much more than youn anticipation of 20%.
  • Get details of all the complete rate written down.. ask for any hidden charges... e.g. all garden facing homes carry a premium of 200 psf I think..per floor rise also is quite high.. Add all that up... didn't find the worth in it in today's market. Any other suggestions welcome.
  • Can some one tell what is their asking rates...?
  • That Mulund Goregaon link Road is not all that good for residence....There are those bhangarwaalas and garages along the road.....also there are many sixers around that sonapur signal...there are also some slums around the Sonapur signal...The positives are proximity to nahur railway station and easy connectivity to EEH.
  • Ayaan...I have lived in the vicinity for years now and I agree with what you are saying. Plus I feel that area tends to be very hot in summers. But with people going in for any and every kind of property I am not surprised with the kind of interest this project is generating. Look at Jalaram Park for example...bang on sonapur surrounded by bhangarwalas and unscrupulous characters. As far as Runwal is concerned he maintains that the first 15 odd floors are sold out. Yeah...right!
  • Now the builders have adopted this new strategy. Just some time after the project is launched they say most of the things are sold out, just to attract the buyers who are sitting on fence to make a quick decision.
    With bank interest rate low despite high inflation and an unstable share market, everything in RE at any price is getting sold in Mumbai.
    Now even the builders in Mumbai and Thane have loading in excess of 40%. earlier this was the case only with Navi Mumbai.
  • The builders are becoming greedy day by day. The builders will sell the top floors at a higher floor rise and recover the project costs. Later they will jack the prices for the remaining flats and sell them too at a high price.The builders-politician-mafia nexus is strong and there is no unity among home buyers(end users I mean).
  • Hi all,
    I have created a group for the people interested in Runwal Greens Project.
    I invite you to join the group if you are interested.

    They say 700 + flats are sold and there is no chance of bargain. As HDFC PMS is invested in the project I think corporate norms are well set to protect the HDFC PMS interest. The sales people have no right for any bargain etc. Now the rate is Rs. 7000 psft and floor rise of Rs. 50.

    I have booked one as I liked the overall project.

  • For all the Critics, Undecided souls & proud Investors in Runwal Greens

    6000+ views so far on this thread..surely there is lot of interest BUILDING around for the RGreens project :O
    1) Video presentation for the critics :P of this project & for those who are still undecided (waiting for the bus:) on this project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIlHUL90whc
    2) credible infosharing & networking opportunity for those who have jumped in the bus and booked their dream home already http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100001452086742
    Best Luck and keep posting :P
  • Rate Runwal Greens went up to 7300 psf

    btw the rates Runwal Greens went up to 7300 psf
  • Runwal Greens Mulund - is now on Facebook

    Rahul - Welcome to the Runwal Greens homeowners club

    Copy paste below url in your internet browser - it will take you to the 'Runwal Greens Mulund' profile, add the profile as friend and you will be added to the group - there are over 50+ active members already connected/networking and sharing information. So do not miss the opportunity to be in the real loop of information.

    Runwal Greens Mulund | Facebook

    Incase the above option does not work - just log in to facebook and search key words ' Runwal Greens Mulund' I'm sure u wil find the group and then send a friend request. thats it!

    hope to see you on the FB (If u do not have FB account - don't delay it, open a new one today , Its free :)
  • Runwal History

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    You are welcome.

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  • BTW -the rate now is Rs.8300 psf and 85% flats are booked