I recently visited this property (Bhoomi Acre) in Thane. It is close to Hiranandani estate and they are quoting rate of 8100psf and possession in next 9 months.

They have sub-vention scheme of 20:80 also available.

would appreciate inputs/comments about project .
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  • They have subvention scheme since long (start of year mostly, it was also 8:92 earlier).
    Do see the other RTM buildings in the same project and you will come to know that the construction quality is pretty bad.
    The existing buildings in the project looks like many many years old.

    Only positive is that it is nearby Hiranandani, but that should be one of the positives, and not the only positive :)
  • Thank You Amit.

    I saw one of the RTM building they have, building F if I am not wrong.

    Not sure, what do you mean when you say construction quality is bad, is it bad structural quality , interior or something else. It would help if you could provide some detail.

    Also, I am looking reviews in terms of builders reputation, legal issues.

    Thoughts are welcome from all possible perspective.
  • Hi

    I bought an apartment in F wing last year. Searched for 6 months plus and closed in on Bhoomi Acres among all the properties in the neighbourhood (might have missed some equally good or better..but happy with what what I got). They are good and quality is also good as I believe you would have seen in F.

    Builder is clean, title is clean (made sure) and does good work (compared to many who are delaying in the current market). If any more queries you can ask..

  • Congrats on your purchase.

    Can you kindly share the carpet area & the final price you paid. thanks.
  • I visited this property today and they are promising possession in 3 months. I would like to know the views of other members on this project. Anyone who has booked a flat?
  • What is the quoted rate now ?