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Garhi Chaukhandi Sector 121 Noida


Garhi Chaukhandi Sector 121 Noida

Last updated: April 16 2019
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  • Garhi Chaukhandi Sector 121 Noida

    My father bought a plot in Garhi Chaukhandi 2 years back and constructed a house on it before getting the full papers ready. When he went to get final land papers from authority, he got to know that the plot was under Noida Authority, hence illegal. We have been cheated into buying this plot by a close relative of mine. What is the solution to the issue? Is there anything we can do? My father's all his lifetime savings have been invested into this property.
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    Re : Garhi Chaukhandi Sector 121 Noida

    The land u bought belongs to noida authority because it is acquired by noida authority in 2005 and award has been made ,noida authority has deposited land compemsation to ADM .after that farmers has start selling the land by doing the registty in sector 32 although some of the farmers have taken the compensation they still selling the land on regular basis..this land is completely belongs to noida authority because award has been made and no appeal has been by farmers with that effect absolute owner of this land is noida tehsil noida authority name is written ...and now registry has been stopped by noida in noida too..bcoz land belongs to noida so no one else can sell it...buyer will only get 3 lakhs for 1 bigha as specified in 2005 award notification.No interest will be given bcoz noida have submitted amount at this rate at ehich award has been made to ADM .

    U cannot get relief even if u opt to approach u have to patience and calm and hope so that noida will think aboit buyesr too


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