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NCR RE projects


NCR RE projects

Last updated: August 10 2020
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  • NCR RE projects

    Dear Members of the Forum

    I've been reading its threads on RE projects. I have few queries for the seniors regarding choosing a property or a new area/locality

    1. How do you decide on the location? For example, I've seen Greater-Noida-Expressway for the last 10 years; it has companies and residential properties in and around the highway. Now Taj-Yammuna-Expressway is a great international standard infrastructure, where a massive sprawl of paddy fields and open ground lie unattended. Now, Gaur comes up with a RE project. Builder like ATS, a good builder, has built Allure over there as well. So, how do you see this area for future develoment? Everybody talks of Airport, Taj Expressway, new area, metro, etc. But in my opinion, that's too far and long story. Even Jewar irport will take 10 years to complete. And in a place where massive amount of area is unattended, don't you think security is an issue? How much a security guard can protect you after all? Another point is, will Govt. offer so many buiders to build RE projects there? Will it not create chaos in that area, which eventually affect the tourism to Agra (Taj Mahal)? Don't yoo think some areas are just not meant for residential purposes? For example, I cannot imagine a residential 2/3BHK flat in such an area. But 5-star hotels, international standard multiplex, shopping malls, for that matter, would work

    2. NOIDA Extension has been a great buzz, but keeping in mind the SC stay order in 2011, Shahberi ban (builders declared illegal construction), do you think Noida Ext. will gain appreciation in prices in the next 10 years. Ofcourse, there are infrastructure promises from Authorities, but how are we so sure about the security, safety and basic amenities for human welfare in the short term. Another area is NOIDA Sector 150. Big builders are planning great luxury flats over there, but will that area be feasible for such a massive amount of population? Under such circumstances, do you think Noida 150 and Noida Ext is a place to invest in or buy a flat for end-use?

    I'm expressing my views. I've also read many other threads on these topics, but wanted to discuss and express my thoughts. Please share yours for everybody benefit
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