Hi All,

I booked a UNIT of 1175 Square feet in the month of JAN 2015. When I got this unit booked, Revanta was claiming that there would be a date for the Submission of LAND from DDA soon.

And, from this date of land submission, it would take around 7-8 months for DDA to plan and give LTC back.

They were also saying that Delhi government has no role to play in this. So, things will not get stuck and it will be driven from central urban ministry.

As, I have not seen any progress, I would like to have my money back ASAP. Now, Revanta is saying that they will not be paying interest over my paid money (Why?). Whereas, Colors (their competitor) committed that they will pay interest (Fixed deposit rate) for the paid amount.

So, lets create a group over whatsapp and go together as a group to Revanta office to get our money back.
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  • In spite of so many recommendations on this forum from many people including me, you went ahead and invested your money even though land pooling was not approved.
  • Yes that was my mistake !! can you share ur number so, that we can go as a group?
  • jagpalyadav; ji,

    I am not invested in this scheme. I will wait for -

    1. Delhi Govt to approve the proposed villages as urban
    2. DDA to invite land for land pooling
    3. DDA to return the developed land back to builder/farmer

    Only after these 3 steps are confirmed, will I know the actual location of project and then I will invest.
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  • Hi Jagpal,

    I am also an investor with Revanta.. Would like to connect with you.

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  • Yes Dear I am interested for this forum as not interested in this project due to delay and not giving interest on our hard earned money kept by them moreover demanding annual maintenance charges. Now they demand extra money for the same size of flat but not giving the interest on our money.
  • I also applied 2 bhk flat in 2016, but till date i have not got any single possibility to achieve that flat, even i have completed money for land value and after that they required FAR increase amount should i pay that amount or not.

    kindly confirm.
    • anujwadhwa3 months ago
      what's the construction update? can you share some pics here...
      when are they promising the possession?

  • geetat80

    Did you paid for the FAR demand?

    FAR as is now stays Dynamic based on area as per DDA LPP

    @ all Did any one recieved money back from Revanta?