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Building plan nod online soon


Building plan nod online soon

Last updated: July 6 2011
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  • Building plan nod online soon

    Registered Architects To Sanction Blueprint Within Week

    New Delhi: The long wait to get building plans sanctioned from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will soon be a thing of the past.From August,Delhiites can get their building plans sanctioned online and that too within seven working days.In a move to make the building plan sanctioning procedure hassle-free,MCD is soon going to transfer the process online,but in a phased manner.

    In the first phase,the civic agency will register architects,about which the MCD will advertise soon.In the second phase,the process of sanctioning building plans will begin.We will advertising about the first phase.Now,people can have to apply for their building plans to be sanctioned through an architect.Only those architects who are registered with the Corporation may apply.We are planning to finish the registration process by July 31, said an MCD official.

    While registering with the Corporation,architects will have to pay an annual fee of Rs 1,200 to the Corporation.All registered architects will then be issued a login-id through which they can upload the building plan and all the necessary documents regarding ownership.Once the process is online,all the work related to the building plan will be done by the architect.At present,owners have to go and submit the building plans manually in zonal offices.Once the first phase is complete,residents can follow the progress of the work from the comfort of their home, said an MCD official.

    To being with,this facility will be available only to owners of residential properties.This initiative is likely to put an end to the harassment citizens often face getting building plans sanctioned.

    For the first time,the plan will not be evaluated manually.We have developed a which will check the submitted building plan.And if the plan is not as per the building bylaws,then the computer will automatically generate errors.The architect can submit the plan gain after rectifying the errors.The plan will be passed only when there are zero errors, said Deep Mathur,director,press and information,MCD.At present,it takes two-five months to get a building plan sanctioned.

    By taking the process online we will eliminate most human
    intervention.Once uploaded,the plan will be cleared in seven working days.Errors,if any,in the plan will automatically show up online.We feel this plan will go a long way in checking corruption in the building department, said an MCD official.To make the process more user-friendly,an e-mail will be automatically sent to the architect and the owner of the property once the plan is approved or rejected.
    After residential properties,MCD will also extend this facility to commercial properties.

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