Hi Friends,

Currently the proces in Dwarka Su City are touching Everest like heights , this too when the occupancy is still 40 % & also still it is not a very "bustling" place like say Rohini . People say that prices in Dwraka are owing to the flats being held by Financiers & they are creating an unnecessary shortage when there is not . Now can somebody please suggest whether The prices of Flats in Dwarka are going to go even higher or gonna come down based on some theories floating around like :

01. There is some thinking at Govt end to make the Registration amount in porportion with the previaling rates whihc would automatically reduce the black money part & this would reduce the no of buyers (as the big businessmen who buy flats solely on black money) would get out of the buyers segment & so with reduced no of buyers automatically the financiers will have to rdeuce the price so as to make the flats saleable

02. Also , the opening up of lot of societies currently on hold by CBI would increase the supply & that also would result in dcerease of prices

Please Dear Friends suggest consdering all points as above - whether to wait or take decision now to buy property in Dwarka though not for investment purpose but for my " Zindagi Bhar ka Ashiana" but still i would not like to pay so high money now & then see the prices coming down.

Thanks !!!
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  • Prices will not come down one has to enter the market ASAP and go with some gut feeling. Just check the building physically , residents , distance from Sub way , floor details and take some risk. In a years time they would be 15020 % higher. I am speaking from my personal experience. Too much thinking and analysis resulsts in missed opportunity.
  • hi

    Prices will not come down for sure! we all go through this phase in life when we wait for propety prices to slash down and regret later to see them sky rocketting! :)
  • I support the posters which say that prices wont come down. Was there recently and a 3 bedroom society flat was upwards to 70 lac. DDA flats were in range of 60 Lacs. 4 Bedroom asking price was whopping 95 Lacs in some places.

    It may stagnate there but the way it works in Delhi they wont come down for sure.
  • I think the prices would fall in Dwarka simply because the crash in prices of peripheral areas of Delhi would be huge.
  • lol.. look now.. the prices in Dwarka have gone down by over 40% in many places.. People are desperate to resell their properties (even at a loss!)
  • Amit: I really dont think prices come down by 40% in Dwarka. (I reside there). Mayeb 8-12 %
  • Prices is not down really about 40% but it is up to 20%. We meet with some property constants and knew about the prices which was below from 15-20% as against previous prices.
  • Dwarks

    What is the situation now i.e. these days of prices vs that about Aug 2008 and Aug 2007?
    Which societies / Sectors are good ones to invest today fora 3 BR Apartment?
  • What is the situation in Dwarka. help me in choosing between Dwarka and Gurgaon. My Budget is 75K for 3 BHK.
  • Hi Chatur, I would go for Dwarka. Its very well connected by road now and for 75K (EMI limit I presume), you should be able to get a very good 3BHK (1800sf) .
  • For 75K loan, means almost 75L worth of property. In this amount, you can get a good builder floor in raja garden/rohini/ramesh nagar etc.
  • I prefer condos to floors. Because of security, lifts and better quality of construction.

    Most private builder flats in Dwarka are very good quality. Avoid DDA and society flats, not so good quality.
  • Suggestions: sectors, builders and properties

    Hello All,

    Please suggest some builder or property in Dwarka which is good buy from 2-3 yr perspective?
    How is Sector 22 and Sector 23?
    I heard some consulates would be getting built in these sectors. Is this true?

    Any new project coming here?

  • Check out if your bought flat or the planned flat falls in 2021 plan of Metro.
    Buider or even the state govt. is putting false claims.
    And today's Indian Express paper contains the plan's images too.

    If builders are to blame, then so are some of the land development authorities in the neighbouring states, such as Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) and Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), who have lent credence to these claims. It is true that these authorities have, in the past, proposed to the central government that the Delhi Metro be extended to areas under their jurisdiction. Both GDA and HUDA have prematurely put out maps that display the extended routes, when in reality these have not received the approval of the Urban Development Ministry. As Saxena says: “These proposals are either pending or have been rejected outright by the Urban Development Ministry.”
  • I don't know why there is too much of hype related to Dwarka because there are not too many facilities there currently and prices are too much because of financers and builders mafia. There is a big problem of transportation and connectivity in Dwarka currently but yes may be it will get better in future. I hope the rates may not get more than this now.