Dear all, I am in big delimma whether I should reconstruct my existing house which is 230 sqft or buy resale builder flat which is 570 sqft ,flat is upper ground with parking in same location I.e, chirag Delhi south Delhi please need on serious opinion Also the cost of construction of my house would be 15-16 lacs for 5 floor whereas, flat cost is 35 lac pls tell
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  • I understand that you have a 230sqft plot You should build on it . In 15 lakhs you will have 5 floor giving space of 1150 sqft . If you buy flat , you pay 35 lakh to get only 570 sqft or equal to 2.5 floor
  • One family cannot live on 200 Sqft floor. If you have a family, members of family will have to live separately on different floors. This is disadvantage of small plots. If you live alone, than it makes sense to build 5 floors on 230 Sqft plot. You can live on one floor and give rest on rent. If you have a family, than consider selling small plot and buying bigger floor. If your small plot is well located and have commercial activity, then you should consider building a new house with GF as shop and you can put your property on rent. With good rental value obtained from your own property, you can yourself rent a bigger flat elsewhere as per requirement of your family.