Friends, I am Non-Delhi Living personal, 3-4 days before I saw online DDA flat bookingas subjected advertisement on Delhigrouphousingsociety website. I paid 25000 For to check my luck in Draw which was held today on the same website (I am not sure this was draw or just to catch people to pay 25000). Today in draw I found amy name as lucky man in the draw list for my MIG-2BHK booking. Now they send me an email saying congratulations your name in the lucky draw please pay futher amount 3,67000 in a week & another 3,72000 within month from today draw date.

Friends, please guide me that should I go further with this builder group called Delhi Hight or not to move forward. If not how can I get back my booking amount 25000 for draw.

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  • Hi, same here. I called them and they said that they had the land and I could see the land registry paper in their office in Dwarka.
    • js135js1358 months ago
      I also call them and got the same reply.
  • Good day

    Thanks for below mail.

    As I checked on Internet that your company have been doing such luckydraw since last year 2017. And there many people names have been selected for applications acceptance.

    1. May I know total size of your project, how many flats , towers, floors etc.

    2. Who are office holders of the delhi Housing society? Can you give their details and past records of completing such projects.

    3. Do you have the land owned and approved by DDA? What is it’s exact location???

    4. I understand many applicants is waiting since last year and came to know your office has asked further payment while there is no construction on ground ? Please clarify why is it so?

    5. Above all queries are not answered on your website.

    6. Does xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbelong to you?

    Please clarify my above questions before I can take any decision to go ahead with your project.

  • Go check it physically. Do not trust just based on Internet, its is very cheap to create a website and advertise. It is better to loose 25,000 than spirally down the hole. Negotiate with them to get back as much as possible.

    On top of that, even if you get geniune society/builder there are problems from government end in Delhi Land Pooling and things may in worst case take 20years, search for "Rohini 81 Scheme " to guess what mess DDA is capable of.; A decade has passed and DDA could not decide on FAR. Also they are showing reluctance to construct new roads by saying societies be formed on existing roads.

    But if you are hell bent on Delhi Land pooling, enquire about societies formed by geniune compaies like IOCL and reach them through their permanent employees whom you personally know well.

  • Sir same here we can talk by phone
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  • These all small builders in the guuise if a CGHS societies which have emerged suddenly after the initial proposal of Land poolig policy are scamsters there to cheat you, and you should restrain yourself from the urge to invest in such properties and wait for the final and official policy launch from DDA and then decide when there land/plot and everything else is finalised.

    Otherwise you should know that you are simply gambling with your money.