Hello Members,

I signed up for this housing scheme by "IT Engineers Welfare Society", being developed by "Antriksh Group" in Dwarka near Sector 21.

As per their website New Delhi Awas Yojana 2018 , they claim to be the part of "Delhi Awas Yojna Scheme Dwarka, under PPP model with DDA (Delhi Development Authority) under DDA Master Plan 2021"

We have got the name in draw and we are expected to pay around 14 Lac within 90 days as per their payment plan.

They said we will get possession in 2021.

Please let me know if it is a good investment or not.

Is the builder and society trusth worthy?
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  • Hi, we recently have applied for the same, I have been running killer to post to get info on it, but no luck yet. Have you paid them? What is your status?

    • rafshi.man1 years ago
      I am sailing in the same boat. Plz share ua contact so that we can get in touch
  • Boss, you should first contact DDA office Vikas Sadan and ask them if Antriksh Group Builder has any "PPP agreement" with DDA.

    Anybody can claim about agreement with DDA. First find out the facts.

    There are lot of fake SMS coming on people's mobile about XYZ DDA scheme. Many builders have also created fake websites.

    First contact DDA office about any such offers.
  • There are lot of fake websites going around. They have "Swach Bharat" logo. Newspaper clippings about Delhi Master Plan etc etc. But these websites don't show any REAL Authority letter / ownership proof from DDA to the Builder for development of particular Plot.

    Don't fall for these scams. Contact DDA Vikas Sadan office about any such offers.
    • rajchauhan1 years ago
      Yes Bharatiya Bhai, Most of these are fake. Your advice and viewpoint is always spot on ! They are trying to entice and allure the susceptible investors .Also, one should check the RERA registration status of same.
  • If any builder tell you that he has a partnership with DDA, tell him that you will contact DDA head office & verify his claim. DDA head office is open on all working days and 3 particular days for Public hearings in all departments (Building, LAB, enforcement, Projects, Accounts etc etc ). Information counter is available on all working days.


    If any builder says he has the approvals for project. Ask him about his RERA registration. Ask him about ownership proof of land he claims to be developing. Many fraud builders are dangling certificates of registration from Co-operative Group housing society. This certificate isn't worth a piece of toilet paper.

    Also many scams are going on in name of Pradhanmantri Awaas Yojna. People are receiving false SMS about XYZ affordable housing projects 2BHK 3 BHK etc. There are many fake websites that are luring ignorant people.
    • TherOne21 years ago
      Delhi does not have Rera, I guess
  • DDA is RERA regulator. RERA members appointed by Chairman of DDA / Lt Governor of Delhi. Their office is in DDA Vikar Minar ITO.
  • Hi, we have also applied for same "IT Engineers Welfare Society" but how come my draw result was out on 04/04/2019?

    Can we get in touch? I have more queries to ask
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  • Hello,

    Recently (on 3rd Oct,2019) I won draw of New Delhi Awas Yojna 2019 of IT Engineers Welfare Society and have been asked to submit 20% amount in a month. Please share any reviews of this scheme. I visited the site, it had hoardings of IT Engineers Welfare Society and upon inquiring in the office it was told that they had submitted the land to DDA. Is it right decision to invest in this property situated in L Zone Dwarka.
  • When I look at https://www.itengineerssociety.com/ it seems like some fake website. Why they don't advertise on web, social media and other platforms. I don't know about their quality and work I am just talking about the offical website.
  • Hi, I am in the same situation, just got my draw picked up and they're asking 20% within one month. What is your suggestion?
  • Hello everyone,

    Any updates about the authentication of the above project as I have also invested in the same property? Looking for the reply positively.

    • roopam.sharma277 months ago
      Past record and everything look ok. I am not getting the confidence about it.
  • Myself too. I have paid >4.00 lakh towards the 2 bedroom set. Phone is not being picked by one Ms. Sneha. Shall we file F.I.R. before it is too late?
    • scorpionmk3336 months ago
      They are not picking phone. Not sure how to get the money back now
  • I have read the replies of most of you and i am also under the same dilemma. During the month september 2019 we have paid around 6 lacks( IT Engineer Welfare Society in dwarka) rupees and they told for the final possession in 2023 and told that the construction will begin around january 2020. But nothing has been started and they are not even telling the exact location in dwarka where the construction will happen.

    So, now i want to get my money back from them but they are not even talking properly and disclosing the right information.

    If possible please help. We all can create a Whatsapp group and decide how can we report about the same.
    • scorpionmk3335 months ago
      Yes let's create a WhatsApp group. I'm planning to visit their office.
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  • If this is a welfare society and you have invessted in that than and they are asking money for making flat under DDA land pooling policy by issuing lucrative brochure than this is illegal society and registeed with inferior motives to grab public money. Please check their audit report you may find financial irregularities. These types of socieites are formed just to grab public money and they have nothing to do with group housing societies. You will never be issued share certificate and they will mislead you. If you are trapped than as per law you have to file complained in Economic Offence Wing of police and Write Peition Civil in High court for return of money. Be paitence and believe on India's Law. You will get justice one day.
    • cricketer.mohit8815 days ago
      Did anyone got the refund yet. Pls help to let me know how can we contact them.