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Modular Kitchen Almirah Construction Cost - Wood Work


Modular Kitchen Almirah Construction Cost - Wood Work

Last updated: September 14 2018
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  • Modular Kitchen Almirah Construction Cost - Wood Work

    Hi, what is the current prevalent rate of Modular kitchen construction with material supplied by me and hiring carpenter on sqft. basis?
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    Re : Modular Kitchen Almirah Construction Cost - Wood Work

    Yes i recently had the kitchen done with good WPC work. Labor cost starts with Rs 250/sqft for frame work only. 450/Sqft for frame+Box.

    Cost of good WPC board starts around Rs 150/Sqft Alstone hybrid 18mm. Cost of Good Wooden Blockboard starts around 100/Sqft (Century etc). Cost of Plyboard is some what similar.

    Sunmika costs starts pretty low but a good quality can easily go up to Rs 1500/sheet. it depends upon thickness, quality, gloss, design etc.

    In WPC, you need special hinges. Good one costs around 150/Pc. Hettich etc brand. Cost of trays, columns, metal fittings, sliders, cabinet handles etc is all extra. You can get a catalogue from Hettich or Godrej website.

    Best place to buy material in east Delhi - Madhu Vihar and Jagatpuri.

    My advice. Buy best quality material and employ a good carpenter. Don't hire these modular kitchen experts. They will extort a big money and still use bad material.


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    Re : Modular Kitchen Almirah Construction Cost - Wood Work

    There are advantages and disadvantages of WPC.

    Advantages - Fire resistant, water resistant, termite free, easy and fast installation etc etc. One important advantage of WPC is that it doesn't absorb odor like conventional wooden block board and plywood. As there is large amount of odor in kitchen due to cooking & heating, the plyboard and wooden blockboard tends to absorb odor. So you will find a kind of stale smell in kitchen with wood work. This gets worse over the years.

    Disadvantage - There is only one major disadvantage of WPC. Its not as durable as block board and plywood. So if you are doing WPC work, make sure that you do not compromise on quality. Choose the best. Local 18mm WPC is available starting from Rs 60/sqft. While Good 18mm branded WPC board starts around Rs 150 / Sqft like Alstone, century etc. Quality is everything in WPC so buy a good branded one.

    Also note that WPC tends to bend with high stress. So make your kitchen cabinets accordingly. You cannot put too heavy utensils and things in WPC cabinet. A better option is to make some partitions with Kota stone in lower segments to keep big heavy things.

    Those who are choosing plywood and Block board for kitchen work. Its advisable to choose good plyboard/blockboard. These days there are fire resistant and termite resistant plyboard in many brands (though they cannot match effectiveness of WPC). Also you should completely laminate your wood work from outside as well as inside with Sunmica. This will further shield your wood work and improve its life. It will also minimize absorption of odor in the wood. Minimize the use of Polish lacquer PU etc in kitchen woodwork.

    For those living on ground floor and first floor who have high risk of termite. Its best to use WPC in kitchen.
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      Re : Modular Kitchen Almirah Construction Cost - Wood Work

      Those renovating kitchen. Make sure that you choose your chimney carefully. Buy a good branded one with high work capacity for air circulation. Chimneys are not very efficient for Indian cooking. So its best to buy a high capacity chimney. For eg if you need 750 cu, instead buy a 1000 cu (suitable for small kitchen). For a bigger kitchen, buy at least a 1400 cu. Also for better circulation, you should additionally have a small exhaust fan in kitchen.


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