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Premium Haunted House Purchase - One fourth of the market price Worth a look


Premium Haunted House Purchase - One fourth of the market price Worth a look

Last updated: September 11 2018
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  • Premium Haunted House Purchase - One fourth of the market price Worth a look

    Hey guys,

    I have a dealer friend who got to know about this property in East Delhi. It is barely 200 mtrs away from a metro station, premium built and furnished. But it is said to be haunted. So much that last two families who bought this, both had to be shunted out after facing two deaths, cancers, mental damages and other bad things occurring in their family. Tenants living on 1st floor fled after they started hearing utensils falling, sound of running echoed through their ceiling and cries of a weeping lady that turned into dreaded laugh especially during amavas.

    Source of this goes back to the tiff between a couple, few heated arguments led to a horrific crime that left the woman dead, beheaded by her husband who committed suicide in same room.

    Developer even arranged for a pooja and havan to restore the sanity in building. But it hasn't helped much.

    That flat has no takers as of now - Imagine the price of 16L for a 3 BHK builder floor in locality like Laxmi Nagar. Developer can't demolish it as well, as it is the 2nd floor of a house that is of total 4 floors. The flat stays locked out and nobody uses the stairs, the day lift goes kaput, people face challenges.

    I remember visiting a similarly positioned kothi in Dayanand Vihar, that was empty as well and said to be haunted by local RE agents and untouchable per se. Recently, we all heard about the scary burari case where 11 suicides occurred following some ritual. I believe property rates in that area, must have gone to hell and that source property will never be touched by anyone sane again.

    Besides the too filmy environment, are these properties worth an investment, if you can tame the hitherto untamed? Have heard about 4 properties at one fourth of their original prices at locations, that would make your jaw drop lower than the floor you are standing on. Just looking for a view point.

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    Re : Premium Haunted House Purchase - One fourth of the market price Worth a look

    Modes operandi in these kind of cases. A member of family dies. The family is superstitious and they fall in the trap of some scoundrel. These scoundrels themselves create mischief as well as rumors to harass the family and nearby residents. Then family and other residents goes to these scoundrels out of superstition and they extort money out of their misery.

    You are not dealing with any ghosts or supernatural thing. You are dealing with persons who are creating mischief and rumors about the house. Also most people in our country are superstitions and backward minded. People in locality believe in nonsense, they exaggerate things and spread rumors. Typical Jaahil mentality. There is no cure for that. My advice to deal with these kind of cases. You have to find the persons doing the mischief to put a stop to it. Otherwise no amount of Puja-path-havan will get rid of haunted house.

    Some personal experience here in Mayur Vihar. An old widow was murdered in my opposite building. The property was then sold in distress because buyers were hesitant. But today a businessman & his family who bought it at low price now lives in the house happily with no problems.

    By the way, Laxmi Nagar is a congested ghetto of builder floors.
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