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Registration certificate Free holding


Registration certificate Free holding

Last updated: July 14 2019
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  • Registration certificate Free holding

    I am an original allotee of a flat in Dwarka. I intend to sell it. On enquiring from an agent, I was asked if it were registered. (I honestly do not know if it is registered as I bought it when I was in the gulf). Could you tell me what this registration document is? Is it necessary fror the sale of my flat. If I have it, would it improve the sale value? Who do I approach to obtain the registration certificate? How long will it take to get it.

    Also what is the process for freeholding my property. How much does it cost and how long will the processs take.

    Thank you
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    Re : Registration certificate Free holding

    Can u name the Builder & the Project? An thread may already exist on the Project and there could be other members facing similar issues. If an thread on the Project exists already, this thread would then be required to get merged with the original existing thread .

    Providing more details would also help others in posting meaningful replies.
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      This is in Naveen Apartments, Sector 5, Dwarka
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