Hi, I am planning to buy a builder floor near Dwarka Mod. There are 16 units in 4 floors total. There is a parking on the ground floor.

The building is less than 15m in height.

The 4th floor has four units. I want to buy one of these four units present on 4th floor. There is roof right also. Some people said maybe its because of 4 units on 4th floor.

Now, i am facing trouble in getting a loan for it. A bank verification officer came to check the house but denied us the loan because it is on the 4th floor.

Now i am worried whether this house is worth buying or not. Is it illegal to have 4th floor in builder floors? one of the 4 flats is occupied already. all have electricity too. Registry is also being done for them. But the loan officers attitude made me wonder about the legal aspect.

so my question: Is the builder floor illegal? Is it risky? If its illegal then how come they have pipe gas, registry and electric meters?

Expecting a fast reply!
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