A month into the COVID-19 lockdown, (April, 2020) we(tenants) had a discussion on chat with the landlord to have the rent reduced to half till the time we are not physically back in the flat as we all had moved back to our homes in different states before the lockdown.

The owner obliged and agreed to have the rent reduced to half of the original amount starting from the month of May-2020 and the same is confirmed on WhatsApp chat(screenshots still in possession).

The contract terminates on July 31, 2020 and now the landlord is going back on his words and is having the full rent deducted from the security deposit for the months of May, June and July and is making the claim that the rents would have been reduced to half, only if we agreed to renew the agreement from August, 2020 which was never the terms we decided upon in the chats.

What are my options here?

PS: Had the landlord refused to reduce the rent to half the amount back in May 2020, we would have exited the agreement with a month's notice and would have recovered a larger chunk of the security and also not have had to pay rent for the subsequent months.
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