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Top floor Apartment in Sector 62 Noida


Top floor Apartment in Sector 62 Noida

Last updated: August 29 2020
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  • Top floor Apartment in Sector 62 Noida

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy 7th floor apartment in one if the CGHS society in Noida Sector 62. The flat is in the middle of the building, next to elevator. There is no access to the roof as it's locked by society management. I am keen to live on a top floor apartment but not sure if this is a right decision. There are so many thoughts on summer heat, winter chill etc. Few people have suggested that one can put special lime coating, reflective paints and tile work on the roof to minimise heat impact. Someone has also suggested to use double glazed glass in windows as the maximum heat enters our homes through windows. I would like to know if these measures hold any good or they are just money spinners. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. .
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    Re : Top floor Apartment in Sector 62 Noida

    What is the name of this CGHS Society in Sector 62, Noida? A thread may already exist on this Project & if a thread on the Project already exits, this thread would then be required to get merged with the original existing thread.
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      It's Shramdeep Apartment.
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