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Rooms construction on terrace


Rooms construction on terrace

Last updated: August 30 2020
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  • Rooms construction on terrace

    Hi all,

    We own a 3rd Floor in North Delhi with roof rights in registry. There's no parking area on the ground floor. So there's a ground floor + 3 floors and a terrace. We own the 3rd.

    On the terrace, there was already 1 room, kitchen and bathroom constructed when we bought the house. But now, since I'm getting married, we are now willing to construct an additional room on the terrace to extend the space. We won't cover the entire terrace but almost 70% of it. The height shall be in the 15 metre limit set by the MCD. We can take the NOC from the 2nd, 1st and the Ground floor families.

    Would this get us in any legal trouble? If yes, to what extent? We see many similar constructions all around us. What are the consequences of this ? Worst case scenario? We are willing to take the risk since it's a common practice.

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