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Last 5 year growth in realestate in new delhi


Last 5 year growth in realestate in new delhi

Last updated: July 13 2009
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  • Last 5 year growth in realestate in new delhi

    Hi is there any one who can provide me last 5 yr development in realestate in newdelhi the rates and what will be the upcoming growth prospects
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    Re : Last 5 year growth in realestate in new delhi

    Re:Last 5 year growth in realestate in new delhi

    India is being acknowledged as the one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in this current economic scenario, real estate has emerged as one of the most appealing investment areas for domestic as well as foreign investors.

    And this high growth curve in the real estate sector owes some credit to a booming economy and liberalised Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) regime in the real estate sector.In March 2005 the government of India amended existing norms to allow 100 per cent FDI in the construction business.

    This liberalisation act cleared the path for foreign investment, to meet the demand of development of the commercial and residential real estate sectors.Then there’s the rapidly expanding service sector, FDI growth, a surge in exports, rising global competitiveness and increasing domestic demand, all contributing to a strong economy. This pace of economic growth shows no signs of slowing.

    One of the main propellers of this growth is also the rapid urbanisation of Indian cities.But the real story lies in the deeper changes within Indian society, that are expected to have an even greater impact on real estate.Its very hard to predict for how long this boom will last.As there are various factors affecting the Indian real estate sector.
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