Do not Buy Property In Delhi which is leasehold on GPA as from now on any property on leasehold is totally Immovable and it wont be sold on Byana so such properties demand will go down and so will there prices as Investors (black ka paisa nahin lagega ) wont touch them.
These have to be now converted to freehold and touts will make most money converting leasehold to freehold and since this takes time all GPA properties will get stuck which have been bought for trading by Investors for at least a year till they somehow get freehold and registered.
If you have a property bought before October 2011 convert it into freehold get mutation done in your name so that when you want to sell it you can easily sell it all said GPA areas prices will go down and transactions will rise in freehold areas. Worst hit will be unatuhorised colonies buyers especially those who just bought on Byana and did GPA .
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  • It won't be that easy to convert these properties to freehold. Investors might lose some premium on these kind of properties, which ofcourse include illegal colonies as well.

    Clean title properties anywhere in NCR are going to get some premium, as you will see that smart money will move there.