No Relief for Delhi Traders in Delhi Master Plan 2021

After different rumors floating in the past, Delhi Masterplan 2021 is apparently set to go. But, the traders and businesspersons do not seem to be much satisfied with what has proposed in the new plan as it has little to offer those affected by the sealing and MCD demolitions over the last few years.

Although, the plan boasts of solving all woes of the Capital, it does not even talk about the sealing drives despite the fact that they have become a looming threat to the trader population. This clearly marks that the sealing action will continue as directed by the Supreme Court. Earlier, the new masterplan was announced to serve as a savior for the small traders and a system that would help Delhi to continue with all its charisma and pulse.

The city is, in fact, now riding a growth wave and witnessing a substantial development. This underlines the need to make it capable of integrating its graceful past and modern developments into an organic whole. Blocking the path to robust growth are the several issues that are required to nip in the bud as soon as possible. Physical infrastructure in Delhi has been suffering from lack of insufficient expansion as well as maintenance for the last few years. Likewise are the issues related to transport, the ecology and environment, housing etc.

The traders had high hopes that the plan would contain something for slew of austerity measures that Supreme Court has rolled out against illegal constructions. Contrary to this, the plan holds nothing in favor of these traders in spite of their regular appeals to politicians to accommodate them properly under the new Master Plan.

Few politician members have come forward to raise their voice over the issue. Delhi masterplan 2021 seem to run into a big muddle with ministers contending that it contains none of the suggestions offered by them during the meeting held with DDA. Sealing and demolition drive are no less than Damocles sword hanging over the heads of lakh of traders and the passing aid is hardly going to help them to take a sigh of relief.

With government announcing to bring in Delhi Master Plan 2021 soon and politicians opposing it, can the traders expect any major mitigation?
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