Hi all, I am planning to buy a builder floor in East Delhi (Shahdara) and wanted to know about the relevance of Mutation of the property. I found that most builders have the chain of registry but do not want to talk about mutation.

Also, is mutation in MCD different from mutation with House Tax department as one of the builder says that you can get mutation with House Tax dept. Please provide valuable inputs.
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  • There should be only one reason that builder is running away from mutation.....Property being sold on POA which now banned by supreme court.
    Mutation in House tax and MCD are different things. A person should get the mutation done in both departments as soon as registry is done.
    Infact, person should also check in both these departments before final payment for any dues left.
  • Thanks Masque. As per builder, the plot is freehold and they have the registry in their name. However, they do not have mutation done.

    Please suggest:

    1. Should I ask the builder the get the mutation done in their name first and then buy it or get the property mutation directly in my name once I buy it. What are the risks involved?

    2. I remember a friend of mine had bought a property by paying some initial amount and then completed the transaction once the seller got the property mutation done in his name. Is this the correct procedure?

    3. Also, can I check with MCD in whose name is the current mutation?

    4. Is mutation done for the entire plot or floor by floor?

    Thanks in advance.