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Does anybody know about Vedanta Welfare Society Welcome To Vedanta Welfare Society

I got an offer on email to become a member. They are offering 2, 3 and 4 bhk flats on GT Karnal road for an attractive price, but no information about promoters?

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  • Looks very interesting and even if it's in Delhi it's gonna take lot of time.

    Seniors-Please share your thoughts on this.
  • Originally Posted by AkHolic
    Looks very interesting and even if it's in Delhi it's gonna take lot of time.

    Seniors-Please share your thoughts on this.

    Just a Scam to get your hard earned money.once u part with the cheque then you will hear the real thing.
  • Any update on these flats .. ???
  • FAQs on their website says: -

    To date they have delivered numerous welfare and group housing societies in Dwarka including Aakriti, Mano Kamna and Prem Milan in Sect 18 and SeaSaw and Railway Society in Sector 19, to name a few.

    does anybody have ever visited these housing societies in Dwarka?
  • Hi,
    Any Information on this please share.
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  • Did anybody booked in this project?
  • Thanks Fellas,

    I was also carried away by this Vedanta welfare society project but after reading views, I thought to do some more research. I tried searching in the list of societies registered but wasn't able to find out.
    Can anybody tell me where to see that whether they are actually registered or not ? although they have attached the certificate on the site, but on the certifcate GIPL as shadow is coming, I think it should not be there.

    Also tell me if there are any genuine societies in that area or shall we go ahead to buy some residential plots there ?

  • Hello Frenz, can any body reply to my query please......thanks
  • Hi I have also heard about a Housing society SHrreJI Niketan with same price tags in P-II Zone delhi . 2 BHK as low as 21 lakhs. Anybody having any idea regarding the same. plz reply
  • Originally Posted by yogibaba
    Hi I have also heard about a Housing society SHrreJI Niketan with same price tags in P-II Zone delhi . 2 BHK as low as 21 lakhs. Anybody having any idea regarding the same. plz reply

    Basically these are group housing socities and the area is around Delhi Karnal By pass road. Rates are looking cheap because there is no development expected in the near future. Currently the demand from these housing society is for land cost only which varies from 600 to 700 per sq ft. Once the construction work starts then they will raise the another demand note.

    Why this area is so buzzing: Rumor is ( I also read on this forum only) all big players like DLF, BPTP, Emaar etc have acquired 1000 of acres of land in PII zone ( Bakhtawar pur/ Tigipur village)
  • Originally Posted by CoolRaj
    I would like to highlight what GIPL is about.
    Gipl Estates owned by Niamh Lambert, Anthony lambert and sonny singh.

    They says they are irish company in which Mr Anthony is Director who stays in ireland. Niamh,also from ireland does the business in india.
    The money is of Mr anthony, I don't understand the part of sonny singh. he is definately not the investor in the company.

    They have their office at basement in N4 /22, DLF phase 2, Gurgaon which doesn't really looks like a office. They says that they are shifting their office, which they searching for last 2 years.

    Guys please don't join this company, they only make promises.
    Mr sonny will say that u will make incentives as much as you getting salary in the previous job.

    This company makes huge promises but delivers very few.
    They say they have a work force of 20 - 30 people but in reality once 5 - 7 members in the team.
    They haven't filed their return for last 3 years as per the website Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India
    Mr sonny says that they are big underwriters but thats not true. They only work for those who underwrite the project.

    hardly anyone knows about the company.
    They promises a lot but delivers very few.
    They always tends to do meeting in 5 star hotels so they don't have to show their office.
    They says they have office in UK, which is very untrue.
    They are very bad in giving cash back/ incentives to their channel partners.

    They always tends to work on projects where they generate more revenue.
    These projects have high risk factor for the customers.

    I met mr sonny. He says his real name is parminder singh rosha. He said his dad is ex employee of Punjab and sindh bank.

    While searching more I found that company doesn't seems interested to stay for long. In this case both customers and the employees will be screwed.
    The company who haven't filled return. Will they pay the incentives and salary???
    This is a question which remains open.

    Dear CoolRaj!

    Your replies seems to be a direct attack on GIPL, may be you have worked for them and your experience wasnt very good or as discussed, but this forum was primarily about Vedanta and the queries about the legitimacy of the project ir-relevant of who is promoting it?

    Did you ever visit Vedanta's office?

    I did and I also met with the President of the society Mr. Jai Saini and from my conversation with him I was very impressed by the work GIPL has done for them. Anyways more about the product I was shown all the papers e.g Society Registration Bye Laws, Land Cizra plan and yes indeed the other two societies namely Anand Niketan and Om Shanti Niketan are indeed on the same land consrtium but the papers that I was shown there Vedanata was clearly marked independently.

    Now coming back to GIPL infact Mr. Harish Bahl (CEO of Smile Group) and Mr. Hitesh Dhingra (CEO of recommended Mr. Singh to me, though I am yet to meet the guy but I have spoken with him and he has helped us out just because of the references. The CEO's listed above know him on personal basis and I was only googling GIPL and Vedanta and stumbled upon this blog and thought of sharing my views.

    Hope above helps!
  • Hi all. I recently saw an advertisement in relation to this Vedanta and sounds interesting. Like honestly where else in Delhi can you buy at this price? Seriously I am keen to know if there are options.

    I am glad to hear some of you have been to the office and found it to be legit. I think I will be visiting them myself to learn more about it. Also after reading the threads, there seems to be some confusion. Vedanta is not own by this GIPL which it seems has been quoted by Cool Raj. GIPL seems to be just a marketing partner. Infact I am nearly sure it was their add I saw on 99acres. And i found that all their information was exactly matching the website so I don't see any problems there.

    Lastly I would just like to add that as a real estate agent it really annoys me to see people talk like this about fellow real estate agents. Cool Raj it is people like you that give the Real Estate Industry a bad name and discourage the new generation from joining this industry. If you had a bad experience, that is unfortunate but there is no need to "air your dirty laundry in public". Afterall we are discussing thoughts on Vedanta.
  • Addnl Info


    I got this additional info

    Press Releases | Shri Hari Niwas Welfare Society, Delhi

  • Delhi threads are almost inactive.

    Bhai log, have anybody invested in P2 zone? kuch toe details batao .
  • I myself has done booking in shri hari niwas welfare society. All is well and received the share certificate with 48 others members of the society... I have not seen vedanta's name on the site board of this consortium... anyways all should do well hopefully...