I am salaried person and looking for investment opportunities in real estate specially in Land which has historically given better return than all other investments.

I spent last one month looking for land which can give good return with low risk. Land prices in developed parts of Delhi are out of my reach, and moreover prices in developed areas have already risen so much that I fee it won't give expected return. Down side risk is high if such property in case of bubble burst.

So I started looking at new residential area planned under master plan of of Delhi - specifically nazafgarh. I feel prices in the are will grow once planned development starts in the new residential zone approved. Govt will try to start or at least announce development plan in this part of Delhi to bring down property prices before next assembly elections.

I visited nazargarh area but all options in my budget were available on Power of Attorney. I don't want to risk my savings so limited my search to the properties which can be legally purchased and ownership rights can be registered with authority.

Then, I came to know that residential zone or farm house under new master plan requires minimum plot size of 1 acre to be registered with authority. But the cost of the land is starting from 2.5 Crore which is out of my budget. Still, I am interested to invest along with a few friends in this area.

I need advise whether a piece of Farm Land in residential zone or agriculture zone of Nazafgarh is good and safe investment or some other opportunity exists within Delhi. I am interested in Nazargarh as it is close to Gurgaon where price of land is 4-5 times more than this part of Delhi and that too with close proximity of Dwarak Manesar expressway.
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