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Builders, realtors will need licence in Delhi


Builders, realtors will need licence in Delhi

Last updated: February 14 2007
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  • Builders, realtors will need licence in Delhi

    Builders, property dealers and other stakeholders in real estate sector will be licenced in a major move to ensure safe and planned development of Delhi.
    The various stakeholders will be required to obtain licence once a proposed real-estate regulatory authority bill becomes law.

    In its final stages, the proposed legislation will precede the entry of private players in housing as recommended in the Master Plan-2021, Union Minister of State for Urban Development Ajay Maken said. "Through this bill, we are going to see to it that the private builders who come to Delhi are of some good repute. It will ensure that they do not cheat the end-users both in terms of the area they are supposed to provide and the quality of construction," he said.

    The proposed law, expected soon, will also provide for action in terms of penalty and cancellation of licence among other stringent measures for those found flouting the set construction norms.
    "We need the bill very fast because we want the private players to come and start building soon," Maken said.
    The master plan, which the ministry notified last week, recommends vertical development of Delhi, home to burgeoning population of 1.50 crore.
    "Safety of high-rise buildings will be ensured by the MCD that will implement the master plan," the minister said when asked who would be responsible for enforcement of proposed safety norms.

    "So, it is not that that the private players that we are going to allow will go unregulated. They will be allowed to come only after the regulatory authority bill is cleared," Maken said.
    The Minister explained that Delhi was left with 22,000 hectares to accommodate one crore more people by 2021.
    "So we have decided that 40 per cent of the new population will have to be shifted to already urbanised areas. That is why we are allowing people to have more floor-area ratio (FAR) in their premises and we are also encouraging people to combine their properties together and get 1.5 times the earlier FAR," the minister said.
    He rejected suggestions that Delhi has no adequate infrastructure in place to support high-rise plans, saying utility services in the capital were required to be managed properly.

    "The problem is not of availability. It is of management of available resources. It can be much better if the city is compact," Maken said.
    He insisted that horizontal expansion leads to wastage of resources.
    "The population density of Delhi, as per the 2001 census, is 998 persons per sq km, Mumbai 2,600 and Kolkata 2,700. The problem faced by Mumbai and Kolkata now should not be faced by Delhi 20 years from now," Maken said.
    The minister said 25,000 acres would be used to house utilities like power and water in Delhi and 15,000 acres for landfills as part of solid waste-management programmes.
    Delhi's proposed vertical development, Maken said, would also help conserve energy.

    Source: //economic.indiantimes
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