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Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi


Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

Last updated: December 18 2009
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  • Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

    I have several questions about the stamp duty applicable :

    1. What are the stamp duty rates applicable for men and women in Delhi ? If property is supposed to be registered in joint name of husband and wife what will be duty applicable ?

    2. What registration charges one has to pay ?

    3. What is the procedure of getting the flat from DDA after getting loan sanctioned from the bank ?

    4. Is there any bribe involved in DDA flats in the registration of first time allotment ?

    5. What is the base price at whcih stamp duty is calculated? There is some surcharge and conversion/freehold charges written by DDA on allotment letters sent to the allottees, do these charges applicable for calculation of stamp duty ?

    Hoping to see a well informed reply on this magnificent forum...

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    Re : Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

    In Delhi, the stamp duty on properties registered in the name of men will now stand at 6% whereas it would be 4% for women.

    If Joint, I guess it should be 5% but woman name has to be primary but I am not sure on this.

    For documents requirement, visit ][/URL]

    All DDA property is available in Resale with a huge Black Money portion involved. I am not aware of any new Draw being planned. If there any draw planned you may apply in DDA.

    Check DDA site for details

    Base price for regsitering the property is calculated on the current prevaling Circle rate in Delhi..

    Hope this helps.




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      Re : Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

      Thanks Sanjeev,

      My question about DDA was what procedure to follow after you actually get allotted a flat from DDA ?

      Say you deposit the money with dda and bank has sanctioned the rest of the amount. Now, what is the procedure to get the possession ? I am asking this because I have heard one has to pay bribe in DDA to get the possession. Is this true ?


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        Re : Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

        Bribe is not the only way

        Be patient and nice to official incharge. The possession letter and everything else will fall in place. It takes its own time. If you have been alloted a flat it won't go anywhere, it will come to you.

        After getting the possession you will hear from them again to get the conveyance deed executed by paying the stamp duty.

        Guess you just have to be at ease and give some time to follow the procedure. Its painful but pays off.

        Good luck with it.


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          Re : Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

          =""]Thanks vyerth,[/URL]

          From your message what I get is that, after paying the amount one get the possession letter and get the flat. And after that you get the conveyance deed etc for paying the stamp duty and registration to get flat registered in your name.

          Can you comment on what timeframe all these activities go in.

          1. Say money paid on 1st DEC, 2009.

          2. After this how many days you should get the possession letter - conservative estimate?

          3. After receiving the possession letter and you take the possession - In how many days you get the conveyance deed to get the flat registered ?

          I am asking this to time the expenses we have to make in a flat....
          Also, can you tell me whether there is any money involved in bribe etc also for getting any of the above done ? As i heard, you need to pay some people to get your documents done and through to you....


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            Re : Stamp Duty + registration charges Delhi

            i have purchased my flat on 1st Oct 1992, 702sq ft amt 3,43,000.

            we are not sure that whether we have paid stamp duty or not?

            & also we have not paid the registration charges.

            can you please tell us how much i have to pay? (stamp duty & registration charges)

            Thanks in advance!!!


            Have any questions or thoughts about this?