Hi friends,
Just came across the following details of ITD Homes Welfare Society on facebook. Would like you to go through the link and post your feedback.

Dear friends,

We would like to share with you about very exciting opportunity to have very affordable flats in DELHI.

1 BHK=14 Lakhs, 2 BHK=28 Lakhs, 3 BHK=42 Lakhs, 4 BHK=56 Lakhs only.

You will be glad to note that many persons had already joined the society. You are also welcome to the society.

Detailed Brochure and application forms are available.

We value your relationship with us.


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  • Hi

    Please do not post external links in this clean forum,members try not to get involved in this welfare society scams,wait till get the best trusty welfare society to invest in
  • Hi nitinbisht..I have been told that this society has been formed my employees of Income Tax department and other central government departments....I don't have any idea about the society....the prices are definitely the cheapest and that's why I have asked the feedback from the iref's members.....I don't have any other intention in this post........if anyone has got idea about this society or have heard about the same, please pour ur views......
  • As per my knowledge, Welfare societies are to allot flats to its members based on impartial draw of lots, then why is this society charging PLC ?
  • I have applied in ITD Homes Welfare Society for making flats under DDA land pooling policy and have given Rs.12,26,000/- till now.

    But instead of making flats, the said society purchased agricultural land in Mukhmel Pur Village of Delhi and promising that they will make flats on that land, which I understand is illegal, as no one can make flats on agricultural land.

    Since purchase of land they are telling that we are waiting for the DDA land pooling policy. Total amount of land cost paid by 47 members till now is more than Rs.5 CRORE 97 LAKH for the 1.2 acres of land. Society has made expense of more than Rs.30 lakh since 2014, even a single stone is not installed on the land.

    Initially the society shown 62 members on their website http://itdhomeswelfare.in/. When I called everyone of them, it came to know that the society is using the names of more than 15 non-members with their consent or without their consent. Some of the non members has claimed that society is misusing their names and some have told they are relative/ friends of ITDHWS Governing Body members, but has not given even a single rupee for the society.

    Instead of making flats ITD Homes Welfare Society is just doing expenses from the money given by public like donation to others, Rent of office of Rs. 4 lakh for the whole year.

    ITD Homes is claiming they have purchased 1.2 acre of land situated in village mukhmelpur, New Delhi with the public money, instead of making flat under DDA land pooling policy.

    I am feeling just like East India Company has looted us, ITD Homes is looting in the same way with the help of their relatives and friends presented in the society.

    I have given them legal notice to return money of every investor. But still no proper response from them.