I have been keeping eye on new development zones coming up. This of course is a great opportunity for the players. A lot of WELFARE SOCITIES have come forward for showing interest like Green Residency , hari niwas, vedanta etc in various zones.
The authencity for these are still questionable. Every other guy claims that land has been bought by their firm , but on papers they are dicy and so are their offices.

I am a bit new:bab (26): and just wanted a safe money investing option with good returns.
Even though this might give me high returns in the upcoming 10 years which is upto 10 times the current accussition cost @500 -600 /- . Finding a trusted compliance is an issue. I don't want my hard earned money being lost in hustle.:bab (58):

I have another thought on waiting for some time so that clearance on papers is done with these new land owners and when the project is launched then i book it in early stages. This might not give me 10X times benefits but i expect 2X atleast in next 6 years (taking in account for 1 -1.5 year wait period from now). But this atleast lessens the risk for ending up in wrong hands.
I have heard DLF has also accquired land in this area too. So of course big guns are coming up.:bab (6):

With this new projects coming in Delhi, GGN and Noida/ G Noida will be affected , not only with price rise but also new upcoming projects. I suspect steady/ decline in rates in Noida and GGN with all claiming for the property bubble to burst.

Totally confused. Experts please give advice
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  • I am interested in becoming member of housing society, formed by individual (not builders or agents) who is planning to buy land and construct houses in zone j (south delhi). I prefer that society which will form at 'no profit - no loss' objective and formed by peoples who are end users for houses..
    Please inform me, if any one, get any info regarding above.