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Power Issues in Various Societies, Delhi


Power Issues in Various Societies, Delhi

Last updated: April 22 2014
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  • Power Issues in Various Societies, Delhi

    Dear Respective Heads M2K, Lotus, Mayfield & Today's group,

    Its really unfortunate that reputed representatives of such establishments like yours

    are not owning up a mere responsibility of providing transformer to a society where

    already more than hundred residents are living with their kids and families. On one

    hand, M2K and Lotus are our builders who've constructed these flats and are duly paid

    by us for the same, on the other hand, Today Homes, a group which, from the email of

    Mr.Vikash Singhal is very clear, is responsible to install the electrical transformer

    to end many of our woes.

    This is one last request to all four of you (M2K, Lotus, Today, Mayfield) to resolve

    this and give us a communication on this by end-of-today failing which we are in the

    process of filing a legal compliant against you all. Our case is simple, you have given

    us the flats with sub-optimal power solution which is making our conditions non-

    livable, hence you have to correct the power problem and provide the society with

    requite electricity support like all other builders.

    We have seen many such cases getting resolved in customer favor (viz. DLF, Supertech).

    We have not done any fault on our part and have given you ample time, its highly

    immoral on your part to let us suffer for last 2 years and even this year. Its summers when our fans don't work, our electrical appliances falter and our ACs, they don't even get started making conditions absolutely non-livable.

    We as residents of D block would like to file a consumer court compliant against M2K, Lotus, Myfield & Today group so that they resolve the electricity problem in D-Block, Mayfield Gardens, Gurgaon.

    Thank & Regards
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