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Check Master Plans saying on demolitions amp sealing


Check Master Plans saying on demolitions amp sealing

Last updated: April 25 2007
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  • Check Master Plans saying on demolitions amp sealing

    The Central Government on 7th February 2007 notified the Master Plan for 2021 on exercise of powers under the Delhi Development Act, 1957.

    In the context of present crisis with respect to demolitions, sealing, etc. the Master Plan addresses the concerns of the citizens as follows:

    Mixed use

    Retail shops have been allowed in residential plots on ground floor on mixed use streets and commercial activity on all floors on commercial streets/areas. In addition, small retail shops of upto 20 sqm have been allowed on ground floor, in residential areas, including group housing, A & B colonies, village abadis and unauthorized colonies. Clinics and dispensaries permissible within 20 sqm area in residential areas.

    Commercial use existing prior to 1962 and commercial activity to the extent permitted in MPD 1962 has also been protected. Pre-1962 colonies have been equated to rehabilitation colonies within their respective categories.

    Nursing Homes, Dispensaries, Clinics, Banks, Nursery Schools, Guest Houses, etc. have been permitted in residential plots subject to criteria of plot-size and Right of Way (ROW) of the road.

    No restriction of plot-size and ROW for Nursing Homes, Clinics, Dispensaries and Pathology Labs in Walled City, Walled City extension, village abadis and unauthorised regularized colonies. Relaxation in minimum plot size to 100 sqm. for Nursing Homes, Clinics, Dispensaries, Pathology labs.

    Existing schools in non-conforming areas have been given opportunity to continue during next 3 years, subject to regularization. Coaching centres and tuition centres made permissible in residential plots and those in non conforming area allowed to continue till end of May 2008.

    List of Professionals who can operate from residential premises has been expanded. It now includes Lawyer, Doctor, Architect, Chartered Accountant, Engineer, Company Secretary, Cost and Works Accountant, Town Planner, Media Professionals, Documentary Film Makers.

    Basements may be used for professional activity in Residential areas as well as for shops on notified mixed use/ commercial streets.


    Floor Area Ratio and ground coverage have been substantially enhanced. With a view to providing more space for lower income strata of society, FAR has been enhanced from 225 to 350 for small plots.

    Special Building Regulations have been proposed for Walled City, Walled City Extension, Unauthorized-regularized Colonies and Village Abadis keeping in view their historical and special character, subject to a height of 15 m, and punitive action to be precluded till then subject to registration within four months and submission of structural safety certificate within six months.

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