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Green Field V/S Spring Field


Green Field V/S Spring Field

Last updated: November 29 2010
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  • Green Field V/S Spring Field


    How would u compare spring field v/s green field...
    1) In terms of living
    2) Appreciation
    3) Approach ...

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    Re : Green Field V/S Spring Field

    I have been to green fields so... I would just say +ve/-ve of it..

    " +ve "
    - Location excellent - Connectivity via shooting range as well as mathura road good
    - Pahari area, no water logging issue
    - Elevated area so freshness is there as of now
    - Due to location prices has appreciated
    - buying own land would be good

    " -ve"
    - Builder floor, so parking would be issue once all plots fill up
    - Once all plot fill up, place would seem little crowded as of now you can many cars and all parked on roads..
    - No big market in the area, You have to come out for shopping


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      Re : Green Field V/S Spring Field

      I would like to add up one extra negative thing about Green field:

      It has major water problems due to only one water supply line. MCF is increasing it to 3, but that could take time.

      You can find property cheaper in Springfield - what is your budget?


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?