I want to buy a flat for personal use in naharpar area. But a bit confused between multistory apartment (Omaxe/Puri/BPTP) & independent floors like elite/SRS/RPS/ERA.

Please sugeest which is better?
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  • Both type of construction have pros & cons.
    kaliatray, higher (>12 floors) needs better quality of the RC and thus lasts longer and better. It is easier to cut corners in low rise. not much value in the flat if the RC has no cement!
    otherways, Carpet area/super area ratio is better in lowrise(90-100%) as compare to highrise (65-75%).
  • I have followed Faridabad RE for a long time and also researched thoroughly on this forum. conclude that learned members here have never never given their nod for Faridabad RE either as investor or enduser. Better wait. If you personally see the development of Faridabad even in the existing sectors where rates are said to be touching the sky ( only brokers boosted rates, hardly any transactions take place) , roads are perennially in bad shape, illegal, unauthorised markets are doing brisk business while HUDA markets are busy in only clearing the dust on their shops, even a rain fall of 4 minutes creates water logging which lasts for tens of days to evaporate as no drainage system is in place nor will be. Talking about Neharpar, as the jhola-chap builders show sweet dreams, there is NO PLAN of providing any relief in all the existing ills, rather trouble is likely to increase as the new projects are in the vicinity of villages , where rough villagers will make the life of gentle families repent their decision for many years.
    And people believe 90 percent of flats are only with brokers and property dealers there who are looking for murgas !
    This is my very personal view. Pl. go to the area and visualize life after living there. Metro may come up to YMCA , but how much will that matter , though it will be at least 3 kms away from your flat.
    If you must purchase , find some affordable ready to move accomodation, then after some 5-7 years sell it and go to Neharpar IF it is liveable by then.
  • Interesting discussion. I think high-rises are the future. Although, personally, I'm still a little wary of buying on the higher floors (>10)
    But, I'm no expert on the matter.
  • whatever RakeshR said, is 100% true, but what about thousands of "MURGAS", who hav already invested their hard earned many in greater faridabad including me.
    I purchased flat in suburban floor, sec-80 for my own use. till now construction is on schedule, but even if builder will give possession till mid next year, the place will not be livable till huda will not provide major sector roads, electricity, water and sewerage line in the areas (don't know in terms of years, as i am hearing 2-3 years since last five years).
    I heard about some protest against builders, but why it is not against HUDA, who has planned a township around 7-8 years back, and till date unable to provide infrastructure there..
  • you know BPTP is the biggest builder in Faridabad and Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Vadehera and some other high profile persons have a stake in there. If this is the state now just imagine when there is a change of govt. in centre or state.
    This is going to linger on..... Have a good time.
  • I read an article somewhere that Vadehera's don't have any stake in BPTP & builder is just exploiting their name . Anybody, who has any concrete information on this ?
  • If this is true then the builder becomes all the more suspicious. After all nearly everybody believes that Vadeheras have a stake . Who spread this rumour, obviously the builder itself . Why , just to sell as much as possible. Now if it it turns out they have no stake , then we know.