I had applied for the flat in BPTP Park floors Sector 76 faridabad in Aug 2008.

I applied the flat and paid the basic amount of Rs. 4 lack but after that did not make any payment because I wanted to take loan and when approached LIC and HDFC bank for loan they said that the project is still not approved and the disbursement will not happen. The project was not approved for loan from bank till march 2011 but BPTP was continuously Sending the demand letter stating that any delayed payment would be charged with the interest of 18% .

I did not make any payment after the initial amount of Rs. 4 lack because the project did not have the loan disbursement approval and did not wanted to block my cash hard earned money any more.
Now when I approached bank , they are ready for the sanction and disbursement of the loan as the project is approved.
BPTP is charging 18% interest from the customers who have not given the sanction letter from the bank even though the disbursement did not happen for anyone and the sanction letter provided by anyone in 2008 or 2009 does not have any validity now as it is expired and they have to get the sanction letter again.

In short our points of contention are the following:
1. How can they charge the interest when they only recieved the approval for this project in March 2011.

2. Can they demand the construction linked payment untill they deliver the project as promised ie. on the 60mtr approach road as they are completely taking their customers for a big ride by delivering a project without any proper link to the project site.

3. Can they charge interest for the period when the project was not approved.

4. Can they charge interest from a customer who did not gave the sanction letter from bank and not charge the interest from the customer who gave the sanction letter ( Although none of the customer made the payment because the bank did not release the payment).

5. They are threatening to cancell the booking without refunding the payment of Rs 4.5 lakhs which we had initally made at the time of booking if we do not make the complete payment of Rs 15 lakhs + the interest amount of Rs 4.5 lakhs additionally ( 18% per annum from Aug 2008) by the 13th of June.

6. The total amount of the apartment at the time of booking was Rs 20 lakhs. We visited the site and found that untill now there is no sign of the approach road and also only the structure has been laid so far ( only the brick work) and they have already demanded an amount of Rs 24 lakhs inclusive of the interest charges failing which they claim they will cancell our apartment with no refund.

7. Can we ask them for a refund of our 4.5 lakhs along with an accrued interest as they have not only delayed the project, sold without any sanctioned approvals but are also suggesting to now handover the project in 6-9 months without any proper connecting road. Therefore they are totally cheating their customers.

Looking for the advice for further action and information.

Surabhi Nayyar
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