I am looking for some valuable advice from the forum members on buying a flat in aforementioned area. Below are a few key requirements:

- For investment purpose
- 2 bedroom flat
- Has to be ready for move or ready in next 3-4 months
- location wise looking for area from where commuting to Gurgaon and Delhi is comparatively easier
- Budget max 45 lacs
- Planning to buy around Nov,11
- Not looking for anything in Neharpar (so pls dont suggest to buy there or any other city)

Questions I have are:
1) Is my budget good enough to buy a 2 BHK flat in the area I am interested in?
2) If yes, can you please specifically mention the societies, sectors, etc and prevalent rates? (you can IM me if dont want to mention the rates publicly)
3) Should I go for a builder floor or multistorey aptt.?(Pros n Cons)
4) Do people sell in all white or black has to be required?
5) Any reason I should not be looking at this area?

Any response will be highly appreciated. I am sure there are people on this forum with vast knowledge about prevalent situation in FBD real estate market.


P.S. - I am out of India so cant check myself by visiting dealers.. Fbd is where most of my relatives stay so want to own a property there, in case I move back after a few years.
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