Any words on SRS Royal Hills Sec 87, Faridabad?
- builder reputation?
- any good broker?
- what is a podium flat?
- is the location good?
- is 2500 per sq ft a good price?
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  • I have planned to go for a rent in SRS before purchasing any flat there in resale. Construction Quality is really very Bad.
  • Very good decision you will come to know about everything about the area - Construction quality is average may be little bit lower when it comes to plasters - The structure is strong it has seen many earthquakes without any issues - anyone who is buying should keep in mind that he should get the internal replaster done in a year or two then good for quality paint - the rooms are big and there is space for wardrobe built into the wall so that precious space is saved - the layout makes the cross ventilation very good - your electricity bill will drop for sure - there is enough walking space even after full size furniture is placed.

    Try to get flat in b1,b7, b3,b4 these towers are east west and have good sunlight avoid b2 and b5 they will feel cramped.

  • Plantation in front of royal hills