Faridabad is always known is poor sister of NCR cities. I lived in FBD and had experienced it as well. Greater FBD is still something lying in open fields.

Is it worth of investing in Greater FBD especially Omax sec 86.

No roads so far by HUDA
No electricity
No water supply

It almost seems like those older days when, new areas are developed like this only and gradually infrastructure was build.

Not so sure about planned sector roads and other facilities but when it comes it would appreciate the prices.

Whats ur advise!
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  • invest if you can stay invested for a longer period (2-3 years). While rates may go up in medium term as well but will really shoot-up once infra is there ...
  • Whats the possible time it will take to set up at least roads n electricity in the particular area.

    Considering the Government involvement (BPTP) projects , still it waiting for roads water n power.

    I wonder does HUDA consider neahrpar as part of FBD or not?

    Why banks dont provide loan easily on Neharpar area?