Looking for a very good sized 3+1 or 4 bedroom apartment in Nehar par. I guess my requirement will be fulfilled only 2200+ sq ft apartment (Assuming 2200+ sq ft will mean 1300+ sq ft covered area, know this will vary from project to project).

Looked at Puri Pranayam & SPR Imperial estate.

Puri Pranayam - Looked at 2257 & 3080 in Block D.

1) Project being divided in 4 different pieces of land makes the open area's feel small
2) Club looked deserted, no openness, gav a gloomy feeling.
3) Too much of dampness marks (and fungal black spots) across the building both inside and outside on facade
4) Termites in one of the 3rdfloor apartment we saw
5) Basement Parking was way too emply. Looks like very low occupancy
6) Lift lobby on each floor looked too dull and boring
7) Building is just 3 years old, but looked too tired as compared to a 3 year old project.
8) Quite a few people had changed the color of individual apartment's exterior, some had even put in tiles on their exterior wall in balcony area. Changing of facade should be a strict no.

1) Just loved the space the 3080 sq ft apartment gives.
2) Long unobstructive views from higher floors

RPS Imperial (was looking into the new under construction structure which is at back/side of the club:

1) Size is a tad small for my requirements

1) Well maintained open spaces.
2) No dampness or seepage visible from outside in ready to move apartments.
3) Club though empty and was much much better than Pranayam's club

Need suggestions to suite my requirement. Looking for Big sized apartments with good covered area. Gentry and location should be good. Should be near to completion and around or under 4000 per sq ft.
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  • I live in Neharpar (recently moved) and heard good word of mouth publicity for Puri projects particularly Pranayam..Since I haven't seen it myself, can't really comment...If you are open to other societies, I suggest 3+1 apartment at BPTP Resort, Sector 75...Positives are reasonably good construction quality, functional club and gym, small society (~480 flats with about 50% occupancy), good room sizes, nice balconies, Inbuilt Almira, installed AC's and Geysers...Negatives are Poor Plastering, No Shops closely (minimum 10 minutes walking distance), Sector-75 to Sector 8 bridge still incomplete...Check if fulfills your requirements...Should cost you about 62-65 Lakhs....