Finally things seem to be moving in Right Direction for Neharpar Home seekers finally. According to an Article in Dainik Bhaskar, 2 Directors from Pal Group have been arrested for Allegedly taking crores of Money from Investors and not giving them Flats for the money paid by them.

I am not 100% sure but I think this Arrest order has been issued by High court and Directors have been ordered to either pay back money or give flats to the Investors.

In an Interview with DSP he accepted that there are thousands of cases pending in Neharpar area and soon action will be taken.

I hope this time the Commitment is kept
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  • Only Bigwig got able to get back the money from Pal Groups (only principle amount) rest most of the investor had loose their money. However, few financier are dare enough and still buying the units at 50% discounted rate, which I still feel worth to get back something.
  • Problem is that inspite of multiple cases and frauds across the country, they are roaming loose. Mera Bharat Mahan bhai...
  • Originally Posted by ultichakri
    Only Bigwig got able to get back the money from Pal Groups (only principle amount) rest most of the investor had loose their money. However, few financier are dare enough and still buying the units at 50% discounted rate, which I still feel worth to get back something.


    Bhai ji,, kasam se, reading/understanding the FIR needs at least 2 glasses of Glucon D (with ice and lemon) and 2 chamach (bade wale) Baba Ramdev Chawanprash!!

    What do these sections actually mean??

    Feel really really scared to know the fate of innocent homeseekers who do not have wherewithal to contemplate such a situation. They do not even seem to exist when builders are crazy enough to thoroughly suck such large sharks/investors/underwriters.

  • Expressing concern over rising cases of developers duping the public, the Delhi high court has asked a builder to immediately return a total of Rs. 3.5 crore, he allegedly received from 50 investors, as principal amount.

    An FIR had been lodged against one Rajesh Yadav after investors complained that they had been cheated as the construction for a project in Faridabad had not even commenced even six-and-a-half years after the initial payment.

    Justice Kailash Gambhir asked Yadav, a director of Pal Builders and Infrastructure, to refund the principal amount to all the 50 investors by May 21, making it clear that his plea for quashing the FIR would only be considered after that.

    Yadav’s lawyer Sudhir Nandrajog told the court that the matter has been settled with one complainant and his client is prepared to settle the dispute with the remaining 49 investors also “to their fullest satisfaction”.Public prosecutor Navin Sharma opposed the quashing of FIR till all the complainants got back their money and said “It would send wrong signals at a time when the menace of builders duping the public who are losing their hard-earned money has reached alarming proportions”.

    “This clearly amounts to contempt of court. On April 10, the judge had given a month’s time to the builder to pay up. Till now we have not got back a penny. Forget the interest we are even ready to accept the principal amount we had paid,” says MD Aggarwal, an investor who lost money.

    The court had asked the investigating officer of the case to ensure the settlement of the dispute within a month by calling five investors at a time and to make sure they got the amount back. Aggarwal said 40 of those who were duped have formed an association to present their case in a better way. During the last date of hearing on May 14, the court agreed to the plea of builders for one more week’s time to pay up.

    Court tells builder to return money to buyers - Hindustan Times
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  • Hello Everyone
    Need some help !!
    We are four friends, who put their hard earned money and booked apartment in Pal builders society “Pal Garden” in sector 89 Faridabad. Till date we were hoping that someday we will get our flat delivered, we have paid lots of money to RWA which was overseeing the development of the project with builder.
    But recently we found out through newspapers and other sources that Pal builder is not only doing fraud in real estate, same people doing fraud in chit funds and all, and are on run from law enforcement agencies.
    Now we realized (very late through) that flat is never going to complete and delivered to us. I know there are hundreds of legal cases were filed against pal builder. We also didn’t have any choice but to follow the route of legal battle.
    • We need some help from veteran members of the forum to guide us what should we do?
    • Any legal advice in this regard would be a great help.
    • Is there a consortium which we can join?
    If there are folks like us, please join us, reply to this message.
    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
  • File a Writ Petition and seek direction that TCP Haryana should takeover the Construction.

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  • Pal 78

    Hey guys any1 here who has invested in pal greens are you trying to recoer money
  • Victims of Pal Greens in sector 78, can someone pls guide here?
  • Veterans pls advice
  • plsw advice
  • Hi, i am also one of the there any watsapp group?
  • dear yogesh ji i am a novice in this area can you pls help me what should be my logical steps
  • Hi can investors pls share what legal route you are following for recovery