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After latest rape case in Delhi, I am wondering how safe is Bye Pass and Neharpar after dark. Neharpar will have mostly working couples travelling to Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi for work on regular basis and occasional airport trips where early morning flight or returning by late evening flight.

1. At the moment, area is deserted most of the day and more specifically after evening.
2. No Police Presence in the area (No PS/Chowaki etc).
3. No street lights but will be in place in a years time (as promised by Govt. agencies)
4. Sparse settlement/population makes it perfect play ground for antisocial elements.

NB: Guys do not pounce on me. I might be apprehensive but why not debate the possible security scenario in more objective manner. This is not anti GF or pro any other area. Most of us will have families living in the area. Not only women but children, elderly will also be staying there.

If we can link with broader security scenario in Faridabad. What are routine incidents: eve teasing, snatching, kidnapping, looting (vehicles), crime against women and elderly, house theft (in Delhi No colony is safe from burglars and are living on mercy/luck etc. What is the possibility or current security scenario in Neharpar. Lets be objective, not use bricks and bats against each other or pitch UP against Haryana. This thread is purely for GF and Faridabad

Feedback from members who are already staying in Neharpar or on bye Pass road will help tremendously and calm nerves.
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