Hi, I am planning to invest in NP Area probably in floor (45 Lacs budget). Plan is to go to stay in 2 yrs time. Recently visited the Site and really appreciated 250 SQYards floors. Location looks excellent. Common walled with BPTP Floors which are about to offer possession and Big Thing - Good connectivity in place as compared to SRS Floors and other medium rise and going to be great in an years time once new sec 3-8 bridge will be in place. Many unit looks in final shape. need guidance from seniors for other options as well.
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  • Any info

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  • Sir despite all information in trailing mails including RTI,how can one talk like this without any proof, Dealers have their own motives and interests when they give advice about the Projects to Potential buyers.They raise all sort of issues about some projects and try to convince the buyer about a others depending on the Budget of the buyer & the commission which the Builder is giving to them. So in the age of RTI , no one should believe a dealer who himself has direct dealings with such builders.

    The Land on which Era is building Era landmark actually belongs to M/s Countrywide promoters Pvt ltd urf BPTP and all land records are available with me that show that they have bought the land from Farmers or other people who Sold the land to BPTP.
  • DGTCP & its office seems to be Responding to complaints regarding Irregularities in Sector 76 Fbd. where Countrywide(BPTP) holds the License number 1042-1061.

    These documents establish the fact that Licensee has done Cheating and transferred third party right.

    Moreover BPTP is threatening its Parkfloor buyers to Pay it the Pending money and it will get the Registration of their unit. When the License has expired and hence no OC has been granted, than also some registries have been done in Parkfloor. This means that these registries are also illegal.No OC, still Registration done, is a Recepy to the results that are taking place with Campa Cola Residents. Mumbai: SC tells Campa Cola society residents to leave by May 31, 2014
  • Development Status - ERA Low Rise

    Hi, This Sunday, i happened to be at the site for some time. Construction pace was quite slow though i noted few developments (Entry Gate getting shape, Tile work going in shops, progress in plaster work in 180 SQYDS units, Park Getting ready, 250 SQYDS looks almost ready).

    Today, I also got a call from ERA customer care saying that possession would be tentatively happen by march. After some arguments towards OC, Ownership of society & land etc, she told that ERA Management has asked them to call all Low Rise owners.

    I was also being asked to contact their site marketing person (Ravi - 09355925749) for any query regarding OC, Other Clearances, Site Status etc.

    Are others too getting similar call?
  • 2014 will see a lot possessions being offered
  • Park Floor flats in Sector 76 were ready with full construction long time back, even the paint on the Buildings started to pealing off from its wall. BUT BPTP is was/is not able to give possession for so Long Pls explain WHY?

    What makes you so optimistic of this CHOR Builder ? Will you be happy to see your Flat fully ready , but you not able to shift there?
  • Friends,

    It gives me an immense pleasure that FAOA,GF representatives happened to meet Hon'ble SDM today( 03.12.2013) in the matter published below.

    My suggestion for all the esteemed recipients of the mail is that they should communicate to their respective/prospective allottees to withhold the execution conveyance deed/registry for some time. Also it is informed that hon'ble SDM has principally agreed that there should not be any discriminate % of STAMP DUTY levied within the ONE CONTROLLED area. Also EDC, IDC, EEDC, ELECTRIFICATION CHARGES, CLUB CHARGES, PARKING CHARGES, IFMS should not be a part of BSP and the STAMP DUTY is supposed to be calculated as on BSP only.

    Once the above comes in BALCK & WHITE from the administration the cost of STAMP DUTY will prune down drastically and all the buyers will be in a position to save an amount to the tune of Rs 100,000.00( Rs One Lacs) to 200,000.00( Rs Two Lacs).

    It is therefore requested that message for "WITHHOLDING THE EXECUTION OF CONVEYANCE DEED/REGISTRY" goes VIRAL to the larger number of buyers.

    I once again request all the esteemed recipients of the mail to communicate the message swiftly.

    The next date of hearing with Hon'ble SDM is scheduled on 10.12.2013.

    For any query feel free to speak.


    Umesh Kumar Prabhakar

    Also I personally Gave the Cetified Court Order Copy That includes the statement of Record keeper from DTCP, Chandigarh and DTP, Faridabad, which clear show that Era landmark has no right to build sell era divine court. SDM passed the copy to Naib registrar and specifically told him not to do any registration of Flats in Era Divine Court Sector 76 Fbd. Naib registrar was clearly told that No registry will be done without OC & Deed of declaration. From where this CHOR Builder will bring these documents .?
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  • Hi, I am not getting optimistic as you tried to said. I am aware of irregularities that builder has done. I have also taken printouts of docs that u shared some time back and planning to visit their HO, soon.

    I visited the site and tried to make others aware through photographs and points that i noted. I think that is not a sin. This is one of the objective of IREF, isn't it?

    I am not enough intelligent that i can explain reasons of 'BPTP not able to give possession for long time' but i immediately post an update in the forum as soon as i came to know about families shifting there. RE is not my field of expertise.

    Have you got any call from their customer care or tried to speak / meet their marketing person at site? If not can you please call at their customer care and confirm this?
  • Sir I Just want to say that Building Ready is no indication that Legal possession will be given soon.Moreover 250 sq.yrd flats ready does not mean that the project is 1/2 ready.

    BPTP is not Giving legal possession there to its allottees. It is pealing the few bits of meat that the customers are left with.Has BPTP got OC for the Flats they are registering. This was the reason for People to collect together and complain to SDM,.

    The Circular by the Financial Commissioner, TCP, Haryana , which lays down the Guidlines for documents required for Registration of Independent Floors in Haryana is Enclosed.PFA

    The Buyers are living their with illegal Registries.Just like Campa Cola Society residents were.

    I think the Objective of IREF is for Customers than i feel proud to be in their Forum.

    I have been to there HO at least twice with same documents, the answer is IF you feel cheated than take your money back- When you go there you will be directed to Vivek Gupta( marketing) who will say that. The Customer care of era is worst, "they say that they have that much information only" Vivek Gupta(9891020240) ji se Discuss kar li jeye. or Mahendra Singh ji se mil lo etc.The marketing person will never say the Truth. He will also direct you to Vivek Gupta(vivek.g@eragroup.in) and at the end you will get no answers about Legality.

    Also i want to share a Link where you can see everything Era Landmarks - Redwood Residency Fbd Sec 78: Can you Believe what Era Landmark Says...??
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  • Dear DECHIN did you visit Era HO in Noida with copy of all RTI ? What was their response?
  • Dear hemsingh ji, i will surely visit their HO this week, try to meet people that you mentioned and definitely update.
  • If you visit this week than pls. ask them the copy of OC . because they are calling 88 flat buyers in 250 Sq. yrd if they are interested in doing registration of the flats. also show them the Circular from FC,TCP,Haryana which lays down the guidelines for registration of Independent Floors in Haryana since 2009.

    That requires them to get deed of declaration & OC before Registration of Flats, otherwise Registration is illegal and since the customer who signs on the Registry document is equally liable with the Builder in Cheating the Government(registrar). Also give them the example of Campa cola Society in Mumbai where buyers had done registry without OC and ultimately SC order to demolish the flats will harm the buyers only. SC says that Buyers did not do Due diligence hence they are also liable.
    Also The High court has given order in case of Ardee city Gurgaon regarding the Registration without OC. Also The SDM has directed the Registrar to stop the Registration of Flats without OC & Deed of Declaration .

    Both are enclosed for you.

    Best of luck.