Hi, I am planning to invest in NP Area probably in floor (45 Lacs budget). Plan is to go to stay in 2 yrs time. Recently visited the Site and really appreciated 250 SQYards floors. Location looks excellent. Common walled with BPTP Floors which are about to offer possession and Big Thing - Good connectivity in place as compared to SRS Floors and other medium rise and going to be great in an years time once new sec 3-8 bridge will be in place. Many unit looks in final shape. need guidance from seniors for other options as well.
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  • Illegal fitout possession demand letter by Era for few 250 sq. yrd. Flats

    Era landmark which does not have any right to Build market sell any GH project in Sector 76 Fbd. is asking the Gullible costumers of its 250 sq. yrd flats, another Illegal Demand for FITOUT possession.

    When it has no license in its name it says that it has applied for OC ??:D

    Over and about that it is giving the reference to Section 53A of Transfer of property Act 1882.
    When it has no legal right over the land on which it is building the project.

    DACOIT gets License to Loot general public Because of Complicity of POlice and district Officials.
  • This is the draft of Complaint to Senior Town Planner, Fbd, HUDA complex Sector 12, Fbd, and Letter to be sent to Chairman rejecting the illegal Fitout demand by the Builder.

    These should be sent by Email/Speed post/or by personally visiting their offices.

  • This is the link for the case between Countrywide Promoters Pvt. Ltd & Era Landmark Ltd .Unknown vs State & Anr on 20 April, 2012

    This relates to Dispute that arose between Era & Countrywide, when Era stopped the payment of Cheques amounting to Rs.13 Crore to Countrywide as its due towards EDC.

    The Total EDC to be collected for 1042-1061 was (approx.)24 crore,out of which Era was to pay 13 crore of its share to Countrywide.

    Several cheques amounting to Rs.13 Crore(approx) were issued by Era to be paid to Countrywide(BPTP). But BPTP could not en-cash these cheques as Era declared stop payment on the cheques.

    Latter the case was filed by BPTP in front of Majistrate in Delhi court. Which declared 3 directors of Era to be responsible for violation of Section 138 of Negotiable instrument Act. (See enclosed what is Section 138 of Negotiable---).

    All the Three accused Directors went to Delhi high court against the order of Magistrate, The Delhi High court in the Judgement said that out of the 3, 2 Directors are responsible for the crime. And released all charges against the third director of Era.

    The Delhi high court sent back the 2 Accused directors to face law in the Court of Magistrate.

    In this documents it is clear that a MOU was signed between Era & Countrywide and latter a Development Rights Agreement was signed between the Two companies dated 13/4/2007 (The one which they deposited to Suresh Chand ASI,EOW).
    Also a Share purchased Agreement was signed on 05-05-2008, for transfer of the agreed Land. i.e Era divine Court, Sector 76,Fbd.


    1) When a Home buyer buys a House/flat/floor.. than his interest on the land proportionate to the share of his dwelling unit is created. In this case, How can the Era Landmarks, who is selling and constructing units by charging from me, provide the undivided share on the land to me when it is not the land owner.
    2. This case clearly shows that between these two illegal collaborators who have not only evaded stamp duty of the Govt, there would always arise disputes, which would take years to settle either through mediation or process of Judiciary which would in fact put me at the mercy of both these collaborates whims and fancies.

    Now the fact that a dispute is going on in Courts between Era & BPTP on Era Divine court is established Fact.

    This means That till the time , when either Courts decides the case or both the companies decide to compromise, Fate of our flat is in their hand.

    We have to find what is going on in the Court of magistrate in Delhi regarding this case too now.

    Best of Luck to all.
  • era landmark limited has changed its name to adel landmarks project limited with same registration number as that of era landmark limited.

    The documents enclosed are obtained from ministry of corporate affairs website .


  • This is The resolution that was passed in Extraordinary meeting at Era landmark Ltd.for changing the name to Adel.
    They are trying to HIDE. Chameleon can change the color but not the Character. & its implications.
  • Meeting at Coffee Home,Oppo.Hanuman Mandir,Cannaught Place tomorrow 11AM

    This is to Inform That all members who are interested to fight consumer case against Era, now Adel , should come positively on 29/12/13 at 11AM at Coffee House opposite Hanuman Mandir Cannaught Place, New Delhi.

    Pls bring the following documents :-:

    1. Buyer Agreement
    2. Statement of Accounts
    3. All Installment demand letter and Payment Receipts.
    4. EDC and EEDC demand letter and payment receipts.
    5. Mail and register post sent to Era with respect to EDC and EEDC notifications and calculations.
    6. Mail and register post sent to Era with respect to possession.
    7. Circle Rate calculation for each unit
    8. Area calculation for each unit.
    9. RTI copies related to EDC and Sub-station charges.
    10. Penalty calculation.
    11. Stay order copy for EEDC.
    12. RTI copy of Jagdish Singh and Rohit Chadha specifying that Era has not granted the license.
    13. Photographs of site for green area provided in ground floor units.
    14. cases Like one of the memberhad to pay rs 3.75000/- for revocation charge against cancellation of his unit Hence a supporting document is required.
    Please specify the date on which you were to get possession... would request High rise home buyers to kindly specify if their unit has any PLC (Floor or green). The sooner we have the information the faster the petition can be completed.

    Pls make sure to be present at The venue
    For any further clarification contact me at 9818362035
    Also see page 19 of ERA Divine Court construction status and updates, possession, resale prices discussion : ERA Divine Court - Page 19
  • Era Divine court RWA Re-registered as Per amended Societies Registration act in Haryan 2012

    News Paper Article that confoirms the Fact that DGTCP has been served a Notice by Punjab & Haryana High Court against his complicity in Illegal projects in Greater Faridabad.

    Thanks to FAOA, Greater Faridabad.

    The calculations for EDC & EEDC & IDC are as follows:
    Total Land 55.724 acre= @175%=97.517 Acres=471982.28 sq yds=4247833.76 sq feet*94.94 Lacs=529043000.00 Lacs

    The EDC per sq foot= Rs 124.54
    The EDC per sq yards= Rs 1120.89


    The EEDC per sq foot= Rs 104.95.
    The EEDC per sq yds= Rs944.51

    The IDC per sq yds= Rs 250.00
    The IDC per sq foot= Rs 15.87

    That means:
    EDC- Rs.124.54 EEDC -Rs104.95 i.e =Total EDC - Rs229.49
    Whereas Era took Rs 180+155= Rs335/sq.ft
    Excess amount taken by Era =335-229.49=Rs 109.51/sq.ft.
    Total area in Sq.ft of Low rise +high rise in Era divine court=2251830sq.ft
    Hence Fraud of 2251830 Multiply 109.51= 246597903.3
    Or Rs 24crore sixty five lakh ninety seven thousand nine hundred three and thirty paise
  • Era landmark (Now Adel) Directors have been summoned before the magistrate after been declared as accused on 4th March 2014 before the Court of Hon' JMIC Ms Monika to explain the un explainable allegations

    Enjoy Era Landmarks - Redwood Residency Fbd Sec 78: Magistrate order in Criminal Case filed by DIVINE COURT HOME BUYERS IN FARIDABAD
  • Era Divine Court is all set for part possession guys. I believe that by second half of this year, they might offer possession.
  • Originally Posted by miketest
    Era Divine Court is all set for part possession guys. I believe that by second half of this year, they might offer possession.


    Hope this is being done peacefully as a lot of issues by the Registered Buyers Society are pending...

    It appears that the license has not been renewed, without which Part/Full OC may not be possible.
    1042-1061 25/07/2006 Countrywide Promoters GH 55.98 Faridabad 76 COUNTRYWIDE FAR-76 RGH 24/07/2013
    The Owner of License, BPTP is pleading ignorance about rules for JV/subdivision of License!!!

    Further, DTCP has connived with the license holder and allowed the project to be marketed by ERA while ERA has NO LOCUS STANDII or permissions to do so, rendering the BBA fraudulent and therefore ILLEGAL.

    A court case is currently on and there are pending charges to be paid besides regularisation of the project.


  • Hi

    "Tough men are ordinary people with extra ordinary amount of determination"

    Not worrying about the future of their home, a group of tough home-buyers have been able to shake a highly connected, wealthy, powerful builder ERA Landmark Ltd Now Adel Landmark Ltd.

    Another BUILDER in Greater Faridabad heading towards JAIL : Greater Faridabad News & Development

    As all of you are aware that M/s ERA LANDMARKS P Ltd now called as ADEL Landmarks has launched a project called ERA DIVINE COURT in Sector-76, Faridabad without having appropriate License and the Land in his name.

    Some of the complainants fought against the above act of ommission committed by the mighty colonizer. Also Department of Town & Country Planning & Faridabad Police bailed him out of the above act of ommission.

    Eight allottees( out of 1923) in the said project never gave up and escalated the illegal act before HON'BLE JMIC Faridabad and hon'ble JMIC charged the directors of Era Landmarks( H S Bhadana, SuMit Bhadana, Rashmi Bhadana, and others) u/s sections of IPC like 406,420,506,468,467 & 471.

    The last date of hearing was fixed on 10.06.2014 but BHADANA'S played a trick and applied for ANTICIPATORY BAIL before hon'ble SESSIONS COURT and the hearing for atguments on ANTICIPATORY BAIL was fixed on 16.06.2014.

    Hon'ble Additional Session judge Sh Chalia heard the councels of both sides on behalf of hon'ble Session Judge as Hon'ble Sessions Judge Sh Rathore was on leave on 16th June 2014.

    On dated 17th June,2014 Additional Sessions Judge Sh Chalia DISMISSED the Anticipatory Bail Application filed by BHADANA'S & OTHERS.

    Next date of hearing in the case is fixed on 11th July,2014 and we presume that ACCUSED will run for mercy( Anticipatory Bail Application) until the Supreme Court and may not receive any mercy from all the higher courts like HIGH COURT & SC.

    When all these courageous allottees were running behind the colonizer he was full of arrogance and now i am sure he run for mercy before ALL COURTS & GODS alike PIYUSH Directors ARE DOING.

    Friends YOU will hear the news for another( Third) Colonizer/Builder( bigger that ERA Group is in line with PIYUSH & ERA) in Faridabad.


    Other projects of the same builder under the scanner of SEBI https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/other-forums/nri-real-estate/396-how-to-sell-property-in-india?p=770#post396

    The politicians and builders will now move HC and then SC to get the FIR quashed and obtain Bail, Use all power, money, connections.... while the open loot continues in collusion with Congress I ruling party in state and help, assistance and inaction by DTCP and State Police.

    Same story, be it DD, Triveni, Piyush, BPTP, ERA, RPS etc... only written with different pens.

    These spineless guys can be expected to go to any extent including death threats, frivolous FIRs, Defamation cases, Influencing witnesses, Damaging Proofs etc., while they are free and outside jail.

    Really impressed by the hardwork and grit of common man....Aache din zaroor aaiyenge not with BJP or Congress but through court !!

  • MIKETEST has full knowledge of these facts, yet he/she is making such frivolous comments.
  • Bharanas have been able to get Anticipatory bail from P&H High Court.


    Now it seems that the Complainants will file a Complaint to Chief Justice of Haryana against this order.
  • Originally Posted by hemsingh
    MIKETEST has full knowledge of these facts, yet he/she is making such frivolous comments. Typical of a Broker.

    I said "ready for part possession" because it looks that ways. Floors looked ready and internal road was also being done.

    "ignorant buyers" should have checked for proper licenses and approvals before investing and are now running from pillar to post trying to gather people??