I have been hunting in this forum for BPTP Park Floors Sec 77 news but did not find a dedicated forum, so am creating this new thread.

People can post everything related to this project like possession, demands, status, quality, grievances, cases, bptp news etc.

Lets get started folks, hope this will benefit all future residents of Park Floors.
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  • Ok let me start a topic here - when it the possession expected considering it has been ready for long now ? , has any one got any possession offers ? also, have any one got any unjustified demands like escalation etc. recently ? pls share your thoughts
  • Good initiative bro ,I have also taken park floorII and facing same issue..specially escalation , power backup charges and delayed possession ,We should be take action against BPTP,
  • Originally Posted by vijaymk
    Good initiative bro ,I have also taken park floorII and facing same issue..specially escalation , power backup charges and delayed possession ,We should be take action against BPTP,

    if u r investing in bptp parklandspride floor 77 faridabad pls stop . and refer to all the court cases pending between dd group and bptp .land and license are both in name of DD
  • We had heard the same about parkland pride in sector-77 but believe bptp still managed to sell all/most flats.

    BTW, has anyone visited sector 76 or 77 park floors site? How does the progress look and has anyone received offer for possession?

    We just had an email exchange with their customer care and the latest is May 3rd week for par floor I. God knows how many more times they will change it.
  • cannot comment anything as yesterday i tried speaking to some sources, no fixed dates on possession yet, some said before or during diwali , some said in 2014, i just hope it happens this year to take it realistically, diwali time would be good :)
  • btw jitender can you please let know if parklands pride and park floors are the same project ? does park floor have any litigation going on ... as it is in sec 77 too is there any issue with this project too ?
  • Offer of Possession for Fitouts

    Hi All,

    I own a flat in Park Floor 1 and yesterday received a letter from BPTP titled "OFFER OF POSSESSION FOR FIT-OUTS". This seems another fraud from BPTP as this is the first time I am hearing such a thing. I believe Piyush builder had also issued letters like this and they had withdrawn after a case was filed against them.

    Did anyone else receive such a letter? If yes, I would like to hear what do you plan to do because "posession for fit-outs" is not mentioned anywhere in the Agreement.

    Also, they are asking for 40k for electricity connection charge and 100k for power backup installation charge - both of them are new charges and were not mentioned in the agreement. Seems like another way to loot people. I plan to write to BPTP but kind of know what their response will be - they will use some vague clause in the agreement to justify these charges. I don't plan to to anything with this letter but would love to hear others thoughts on what is the right way to deal with this new mess.

    Thanks in advance!
  • let me check if others and me have received any such letter, we can group up after this, can you share what are the demands made in this letter, amount and heading of charges, mine is also pf1 s block, pls pm me your details too, i am in touch with a couple of end users like me
  • @jthakar ji - I shared this information on sector - 76 thread in response to your and Sayan's question. May be we use that thread to take this discussion forward because there is more participation on that thread.
  • @ykmadaan, I have also recieved a similar letter few days back. What is meant by "possession to fit-outs" ?
    Are there any legal issues related to parkfloor - 77 ?
    Already it has been delayed by 2 years and i thought finally they are giving possesion.
    If it is not proper possesion then why are they asking for Registration and stamp duty and it surely doesnt make sense for Maintainence charge for next 1 year.
  • Pankaj - I am not an expert in this but the difference between 'offer for possession' and '...for fitouts' is that the former can be offered when the builder gets occupancy Certificate (OC) because they can not offer possessions without getting OC from the government.

    The latter is a way to let prospective owners to let access their flats and carry out any fitout work and the actual possession will be offered sometime in future. The key here is that bptp is demanding the entire amount including stamp duty and registration charges (though technically it can't - does not matter for bptp anyway), which they should not at this stage.

    There is no commitment to when bptp will make an actual offer of possession and by signing the indemnity we might release them from all responsibilities in this regard. If it was a good builder, I won't worry about this 'fitout' letter but with bptp (and other bad builders in neharpar) I can't trust them especially given they would have taken all remaining money and can do whatever and have us wait as long as they want

    My 2 cents... others can weigh in.
  • Thanks for the detailed reply.
    Even I am wondering why they are asking for Stamp duty and maintainence charge ?

    So, what are you planning to do ? If we arent paying, they will put interest over that amount.. is that all ?
  • it is bptp culture movement ( thagg vidya )
    i have no investment with bptp
    but ready to be a part of any protest hey guys come ahead and hilaa do bptp koo shankh nadd karr doo bptp ke kilaff ladaii ka waise bhi 2013 me koi tezii ane kee asaar nahi hai
    protest karnee ki himmat nahi hai to kam se kam dc , dtpc aur police mai complaint too kar doo
    kuch too karoo sirf blog liknee se kuch nahii honee walaa
  • @Pankaj - I certainly don't plan to pay them the Stamp duty and related charges. I am still debating about other charges because I am sure they will take their own sweet time to offer us "real" possession. If they get money from most of the owners now, there will be no incentive for them offer possessions anytime soon.

    If we don’t pay the Stamp duty they can charge us interest on that but it won't be legal (not that everything they do is legal) but I am willing to fight for that and, in fact, for not paying the rest of the charges now. The actions 'yogesh98712' suggested in his previous post (dc , dtpc aur police mai complaint too kar doo) are on my list so if they threaten with charging interest if I don't pay, I will do the same by letting them know about filing a case with DTPC, police etc. It may or may not work but if we don't try we won't know.

    This gundagardi can't last forever... they should understand because they are not able to sell their remaining inventory with this type of reputation. No wise man will buy any property from them (at least i hope) if they treat their customers like this so they do have something at stake. Let's see if they care about that and agree to not charge any interest if tell them that I will pay them the remaining amount when they offer me the “real” possession.

    How about you and others you may be aware of?
  • I have also written a mail to BPTP ( although expecting nothing from them) but I am in if we want to go legal.