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Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed


Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed

Last updated: March 9 2014
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    Re : Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed

    Originally posted by rabidgoat View Post
    Bypass will be a disaster soon , the dead road with people people people

    Badarpur dead end is a biggest flaw in design and will kill bypass road fully

    Gf will add additional chaos on the road

    Metro rightly said will be AC EMU

    Gf scope seems good but with dark clouds near future , rahi baat inke MP s MLA s ki, it seems GF really have to vote smart else tigaon road jaise years after years they will suffer
    Do u think HUDA town planners are dump .. no By Pass road is named bye pass road to bye pass and connect at farther end.. Its not a design flaw..

    Whether Metro will becom EMU or not... it will have only positive effects on Rates.
    No Doubt Tikaon road is like that and it will remain so as ever but i am adding for your information that the bye pass road will be further widen and one Branch road will emanate from that Bye pass road on left and will open way upto sector 89 directly..
    Huda has taken care of everything but god knows when will it actually take shape


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      Re : Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed

      Originally posted by drajeev View Post
      After thinking a Lot

      1) The NH2 is for the people to crossover Faridabad and not to come to Faridabad, so don't see any large impact.

      2) The Byepass road has a dead end (Captain Hook u Turn) at the Badarpur flyover (from going Faridabad to Delhi) and there is no plan to safeguard that hence once the Byepass is fully connected and Heavy loads comes on the Byepass it will create mess at sector -37 entry.Plus Once the GF is connected with 5 bridges these points will be Traffic Jam on the Bye pass road speacially from sector 29 till 37.

      3)Metro is an advantage to the Daily commuters only and that too with a Shoulder to Shoulder rush. I have interacted many people who have left the love for metro and instead are using there own vehicle. The Crowd which travels now in the EMUs will shift to Metro and then we will realize "People are People". having said this the price of the adjoining sectors will increase.

      4)GF has lot of property as of now undeveloped and any spike in rates will ask more developers to build in and this will absorb the fresh money in their projects so net-net the price will have only the organic growth.

      5500-6500 will be the natural growth for the GF whether NCR drop or rise.Of-course strategically located projects like Ozone Park, Ansal's etc will have the higher rates.
      I am rather of the view that once everything will be developed and in place.. the sectors which seems to be at far end now will be benifitted the most like Sector 89 sector 77 etc.
      You look into the details of the projected plans and then u gonna realise the potential..
      These area are going to be connected to Yamuna Express way side and with faridabd through road at sector 89 directly branching off from By pass road of faridabad


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        Re : Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed

        If Sohna Road can be 10K+ at the moment with no infra in place except one dirt road, NH transformed Gurgaon from primarily dairy to MNC hub, no wonder same can happen to FBD. Connectivity related infra is key for the growth of any area, NH 8 provided that to Gurgaon, Yamuna expressway will play same role for the development of Noida and GN.
        If NH 1 is fully developed in 3-4 years, dedicated freight corridor materialize, GF will close the gap with Gurgaon irrespective of the vintage point.
        Fully developed sectors with infra in place such as metro, bye pass road, 6 lane NH, 4 lane surajkund-Badkhal road will all add to the overall price appreciation.
        Don't forget role played by the inflation. If construction cost is 2000 today, it will be somewhere 2700-3000 after 3 years or so. in 2006-07 cost was 800 psf, today it is at 2000.
        In NE projects were selling at 2000 psf three year back, today are trading at 3500-4000, this is due to increase in construction cost predominantly.

        Whatever price expert might throw in, please add 1500 on the account of inflation.


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          Re : Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed

          What would be the alignment of freight corridor? Would it be in the vicinity of faridabad city or go through palwal?


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            Re : Price Guess/estimation once GF is fully developed


            While we anxiously await fbd master plan 2031... HUDA/DTCP allowing builders to garner large tracts of land by NOT making Master plan 2031 Public.

            But a lot of inferences can be drawn from NOIDAs master plans. Roads |Planned for Gr. Fbd Connectivity, Gr Fbd connectivity to Noida/Exway, Freight corridor location, etc in a better way..

            NOIDA MP 31

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            Have any questions or thoughts about this?